UPDATE: 4/24 10 AM – I just was doing some testing and noticed this has been fixed. I’m in Socal – Please check and let me know if it’s working from wherever you are.

UPDATE: 4/19 8PM – Vanessa just confirmed it’s just a bug, not by design. Engineers are working on a fix.

Breaking news or just broken Google Places I hope!

Right now Google Places STOPS at 10 listings. That’s it. Page 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. are totally gone!

Search for anything – Seattle Chiropractor, Altanta Dentist. Then click either “more” under the top Places results OR hit Places on the left menu. It goes to a single page of 10 listings. At bottom of page there are no additional pages to go to. That’s the end of the line!

See bottom of this screenshot. No additional pages of Places results. But there is a big blank spot where pages used to be. I’m guessing this is a bug and temporary. Can’t believe it’s by design.

Going to contact Vanessa about it. Stay tuned and I will report back here and also in
this thread at the forum.