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Google Places – Community Edits Now Moderated and Reviewed

If you’ve ever had a competitor, unhappy patient, unhappy client, vindictive ex-employee or clueless surfer edit your Google Places page, you know how frustrating it can be and how hard it is to get Google to correct the changes. Your Google Places Page should be YOUR identity on the web and is often the front […]

Google Places Optimization: Tale of a Chiropractor that went from #44 to #1 on Google Local

2 weeks ago I started working with a very cool Chiropractor and took his practice from #44 (page 5) on Google “Local” to #1 at the very top of Google. 1st I wanted to give you a peek at his stats. We hit #1 on May 11th and you can see the positive impact it’s already made.

Google Places Service Areas Explained in Detail – Interview with Carter Maslan of Google Local

Carter Maslan: Even though we don’t have specific numbers to share, we know that it’s a huge portion, as there are a ton of home-based and service businesses in this country. I don’t have a specific number, but I think it is at least a third of the overall total, and I am assuming there is going to be a big group of new businesses that can now list themselves legitimately.

InsiderPages Launches Doctor Finder – Local Search for Doctors and Dentists

Local Search heats up again. InsiderPages, just launched Doctor Finder which offers a local search engine and reviews of doctors and dentists. Patients can search by medical or dental specialty, distance, insurance, gender and more.

Google Places Launches $25 Ad Option Called Tags in San Diego

Google TAGS make your local Google Places listing stand out from your competition and Google only charges $25 a month. Tags can be used to highlight a particular aspect of your business such as coupons, photos, videos, menu, reservations, website, and driving directions.