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Warning re Google Places Ranking Factors 2011 (No Spoilers)

If you deal with Google Places Optimization and local search, then you know David Mihms Local Search Ranking Factors is considered THE industry bible. I don’t think he has publicly announced when the new 2011 version will be published, so I wanted to give my loyal readers a heads up and a STRONG WARNING!

Google Places BIG New FEATURED Reviews – How To – Part 2

I promised to tell you how that BIG huge Featured Google Places review was done, the back story about how I discovered this and give you some ideas about how you could leverage this to get more reviews for your Place page or your clients. OR boost conversions with prospects. See the screenshot and then all the details below.

Google Places New Penalty State? Awaiting Removal – WEIRD, See Screenshot

I think I may have just found a new penalty state. I found almost 3,000 Place pages in the US that have this PENALTY warning appended next to the Business name right on the Place page and it shows up right in the serps too. So it’s NOT just a warning in the dashboard. It’s right out there for all to see. WHAT IS THIS? See screenshot.

Google Places Big New FEATURED Reviews – Make that Place Page Stand Out from the Pack

WOW! Sure glad someone turned me on to this new gold nugget! This new Featured review format and the stars are HUGE but also notice that it’s above the fold. Plus check out that call to action to help get more reviews. Be sure to look at full size screenshot for full impact.

Google Places HELP Forum Wastes SMBs Time and Money

Google Places can be a problem-filled mine field for small businesses to try to navigate. Some users out of desperation end up at the forum. The Google Places “HELP” forum can be a huge time and energy suck! Google I have a solution to many of the support problems.

Stay on Top of All the Latest Google Places News and Local SEO Tips with

Too busy to stay on top of all the breaking Google Places and local SEO news? Don’t worry about it. I scoop all the best stories so you don’t have to. 🙂 I just launched a Google Places News channel on Haven’t heard of or seen yet?

Powerful Free Tool for Google Places Ranking, Analysis, Prospecting

If you do Google Places optimization and value your time, this is a ‘must have’ tool to add to your arsenal. Watch video below for full impact. Imagine being able to quickly size up a Google Places market, without having to do the time consuming work of clicking on each Place page to check out how well optimized listings are or if they are claimed. Next one coming is 10 times more powerful. Stay tuned.

Hot Google Places Citations Source for Tier 1 Citations

Looking for a good new way to get Google Places Citations? I’ll share a screen shot of a business listing I found. Then explain the benefits and some key features including what makes this a TIER 1 citation source. What’s a TIER 1 citation? See more screen shots below

Google Places Help – Verification Problems and Tips for Consultants

These Google Places Help tips will make life easier for business owners that want to try to optimize Place pages themselves, as well as consultants. Consultants skip the basics you should already know and jump down to the meat in #4, 5 & 6 – the real time savers! I have not had to do a verification for ages since I’ve been using this method.

New HyperLocal Shopping App – Monetize your Site or Blog with LuckyLocal

Google, eBay, Groupon and other major Internet companies are grabbing a piece of the hyperlocal shopping pie. Now savvy web site owners and bloggers can earn from LOCAL too. LOCAL shopping price comparison engine on your site or blog features LOCAL inventory from MAJOR brand name merchants like HomeDepot, ToysRus, Macys, Sears, OfficeDepot and more.

Google Places Ranking Shakeup, New Algo, Testing or Bugs?

I’ve been getting lots of calls and seeing forum posts about really strange Google Places ranking shakeups. Not just one person that has a ranking drop but all the page 1 rankings dropped to page 4 – 6. I’ve noticed some very odd results that make me think either Google is testing a new algo in certain markets or the algo is simply broken.