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Tale of 2 Google Local Algorithms – Blended vs Places Ranking Factors Revealed

Shortly after the major Google Places algorithm change on October 27th 2010, I reverse engineered the new blended (merged, 0-Pack) algo and figured it out. Today I finally spill the beans, offer proof and share some free tools you can use to analyze and compare the algo to help boost rankings. See screenshots below and a cool free tool you can start using today.

If Google Places and the Google Local SEO Algo Drives you Nuts – Read This

If Google’s perpetual changes drive you nuts and make you want to pull your hair out, read on! This TOTALLY explains why almost every time you check, the results change. This REALLY hit me between the eyes when I read it. So there! You aren’t going crazy! It’s even more of a moving target than we thought! Don’t you feel better now?

Loopt u-Deals: User Generated Deals – Exciting New Spin on the Local Deals Space

I’ve never blogged about ‘deals’ and try to stick pretty much to Google Places, but this announcement captured my attention because it’s an exciting new spin that I can see taking off. Pretty brilliant actually. Let the CONSUMER come up with the deal… See video below

Google Places Survey: How Much Does Organic SEO Control Google Places Blended Rankings?

After you participate in the survey… The blended algo is DRAMATICALLY different than most realize and no one has ever published this extensive info before. In addition to showing you EXACTLY how the blended algo works, I will also show you 3 – 4 tools I use to analyze organic vs Places SERPS and explain how I leverage this knowledge to help me in my business.

New Google Places Phone Support Option

Yes Dorothy, there are real people at Google Places that can help. I just got a call from my “NEW” Google Places rep. I don’t want to spread the word to every Tom, Dick, Spammer and Time Waster that could be reading this blog. But if I know you and you are reputable – I’ll share how to get your own GP rep.

Google Places Negative Review Spam Rampant – Google Needs to be Accountable for Cases like This

Certain types of negative review spam (actually I want to call it FRAUD) could be easily nipped in the bud by Google’s algo. It frustrates me to no end that businesses have to deal with issues like this. In this case it appears to me that a company is paying mechanical turks or other cheap labor to post THOUSANDS of fake negative reviews for HUNDREDS of moving companies all over the US. I think if this company is caught they should be sued. This is criminal!

Google Places Known Issue: Phone Verification not working since June 1st – Possibly Fixed Now?

Google Places seems to be having more verification problems recently than usual. One of many is the phone verification problem that Google acknowledged as a known issue on June 1st. Google seldom acknowledges problems in the Places forum. So it’s often difficult to figure out if a problem is really

Is this New? Google Places Local Business Directories? Google Places Local Phone Numbers

Look out Yelp and City Search! Either I just made a discovery and this is something fairly new Google has not promoted yet, or this is just a test. NOTE: they list LOCAL phone numbers to make an in-person appointment with a Google Places business specialist. See commentary below the screen shots.

Google Places Photos Take a Hike, Missing from Local Search – More Changes or Just a Test?

Now business profile images seem to be completely missing in the 1st page search results as well as in Places search. My 1st reaction was that I hope this is just a test in a few markets. After thinking further, I bet I know what’s coming next. A new paid option to make

Google Places – What Triggers Merged Local Listing over Old 7 Pack Style Listing

What triggers the different wacky Google local search layouts? Why are more of the old “Pack” style listings showing up? Why do the different styles keep flip flopping? For opinions from some of the leading experts in the local search space, read on.

Google Places Local Search Ranking Factors 2011 is Out

In this time of chaotic Google Places algo changes, you will want to be sure to read every word. I was honored to be selected as a contributor, along with a distinguished group of local marketing experts to share insights about the most important Google Places ranking factors. Good luck getting anything else done today.

IMPORTANT New Google Places Microdata Markup Standards – Introducing the New Language of Local Search – schema.org

Trust me when I say this is BIG and if you want to be on the leading edge of local search, you need to read this. Trust me when I say that if Google developed this new site IN CONJUNCTION WITH THEIR TOP COMPETITORS Bing and Yahoo in order to create a common set of schemas for structured data markup on web pages – this is important!