October Google Places Optimization Blog Archives

Whole Lotta Changes Goin On – New Google Places Layout, Dashboard and More

One change involves major Google blended and 7 pack SERP layouts. SEE SCREENSHOTS. But be sure to read below too about major Places dashboard changes that were just reported today. Sounds like it could include a change in the number of categories as well as category selection functionality.

Check Out Incredible Interactive 3D Business Tours on Google Places

Wowser, have you seen any of the 3D business tours Google has done show up on any Place pages yet? VERY cool! Just discovered this new rollout on Hacker News yesterday and tracked down a few 3D business photo shoots for your viewing pleasure below. Cruise around inside these businesses and take a look!

Heads Up – Google Places Wants to Change Your Business Listing Automatically – Be Sure They Have the Right Data

Google just announced they will auto-update your Place page based on user edits and 3rd party data they scrape from the web. They’ll make the changes automatically without your consent, but notify you after the fact, so you can try to fix it if the info’s wrong. I think this is going to cause all kinds of problems.

Google Places Algorithm Change – New Proximity Lockout Algo Can Cause Major Ranking Drop

If you or your clients have noticed a ranking drop lately this could be the reason. These companies all STILL rank page one for all of their other keywords EXCEPT for their core keyword. They all SHOULD/WOULD still rank for main keyword – if not for this new algo change. I’m dubbing this change the PROXIMITY LOCKOUT Algo. Counting on you guys to do some research and confirm this is what are are seeing too.

Google Places Update – User Uploaded Photos Showing Up in Google Places Reviews

Cool new Places update. Back in January Google announced the ability to add user-generated photos to Place pages. But SEE SCREENSHOT of new feature. Photos showing up in reviews. So why not try asking happy customers to dish up some photos with those reviews?

Google Places Support – Google Launches New Fix a Problem Option

I was recently quoted a few times in an Infoworld story about the lack of Google Places support. Giving credit where it’s due Google Places JUST LAUNCHED and new support feature designed to help fix Places problems. Watch video inside and read detailed resources about what looks like a very positive change