November Google Places Optimization Blog Archives

Amazing Google Places Software – Local Rank Tracking, Competitive Analysis, Citation Finder, Prospecting – Places Scout

My new swiss army knife local SEO must-have tool. Advanced Places rank tracking PLUS competitive analysis to help you rank your clients higher PLUS lead generation to help you find new clients PLUS citation finding PLUS reputation management to a degree and lots more, all in one VERY INEXPENSIVE software program. Even shows rankings VISUALLY on the map.

Happy Cyber Monday 2011 – My Cyber Monday Song

Hey local small business owners. Sing it with me now, then spin around 3 times, pull on your right ear and pray to the Google Gods. I absolutely guarantee that if you do this little ritual, your Monday Holiday sales will increase.

Fake Review Spam in the Dental Industry – Dentists Don’t Stoop to This Level for Google Places Rankings

I’m going to OUT some Dentists that are buying fake reviews today. And teach you how to figure out if reviews are fake and how to report unethical competitors. Dentists may not realize it, but not only are fake reviews a violation that could cause you to LOSE your Place page but fake reviews ARE AGAINST THE LAW and can get you in trouble with the FTC! Much more fake review info inside including links to Dentists with fake reviews and screen shot evidence.

How Do Consumers Find Local Businesses? Local SEO and Mobile Marketing Stats

According to some stats I found at eMarketer the other day 70% of consumers checked an online before going to a local business or restaurant. Google was the #1 source at 43%, no surprise there. The yellow pages came in 2nd at 30%. A little surprised it’s that high actually. People still use the YP? […]

Important Google Places SEO Group Research re GEO Modifiers, Search Behavior and Rank Tracking

Working on important research and need help from the local SEO community. This will help us all do a better job of helping our local search clients AND be able to give them reports that knock their socks off! IF the research is correct then there is a HUGE HOLE hole in the way we analyze rankings and report success metrics to clients. SEE KEYWORD STATS BELOW.

Google+ Your Business – Google+ Pages for Business Just Launched

WOW. This is VERY exciting news and I see can all types of amazing possibilities. I have a very strong feeling this is going to be huge and change lots of things for those of us that do local search consulting. Check out my list of important Google+ Pages for Business Pages resources.

Click Magnets! New Google Places Previews – Stand Out from the Competition

The Google Places update I blogged Saturday is rolling out and map pins turned from Red to Gray. But the big change I want to highlight is the rich new preview data Google shows about a business. REALLY IMPORTANT – Be sure to put your best foot forward with GREAT images that showcase the benefits of your product or service. The 1st 5 images on your Place page show up in your preview. LETs TAKE A LOOK!

New Style Google Places Adwords Unit or Other Type of Paid Ad?

I’ve been seeing a strange new style of Adwords ads in local the past couple days. Looked so odd on the map that the 1st time I saw it yesterday I was in a rush and dismissed it as a fluke, but then saw @SIMpartners tweet an example and decided to investigate. I have not […]