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New Google Places Guideline – Hide your Address or Risk Losing your Place Page

There is lots of controversy about Google’s newest change to the Google Places guidelines. I’ve been pretty much in the middle of this issue, but decided to hold off on blogging til today. This is a very complicated and multi-faceted issue. Below are a few of my thoughts on ranking and more. But 1st the back story for those that missed the news. In a nutshell – Hide your address or risk losing your Place page if you have a home based or service business and don’t see customers at your location.

Important Google Places Updates and News March 20

There are a bunch of new things I wanted to share. So I’m going to do an overview post that contains several important topics including 2 new Google Places updates, new Google Places algo analysis, new Places FAQs help docs, Google Places old forum archives and more.

NEW Google Places Forum – Tips & Tricks – Copy Important Posts

New Name – New Forum. All existing forum posts will be deleted on Thursday. Old forum will be GONE. So save your posts. One BIG feature is missing on the new forum and others are hard to figure out. So here are important search and navigation tips you’ll need that aren’t documented anywhere on the forum. But exciting times ahead

Google Places Update – Do Not Support Location – Forum Stickies

Those in the know, know things have been a little rocky lately in Google Places land. And if you’ve been in the biz you know lots of bugs usually mean there’s an update going on. Well there has been and it makes quite a few changes in the way info is processed and how fast it updates on the live Place page. Some edits now can take a week. But here’s the GOOD NEWS! Plus important info about new Place pages and the dreaded we do not support this location message.

Google Venice Update – New Ranking Opportunities for Local SEO

If your focus is LOCAL, then read on. Google makes algo updates all the time BUT when they go so far as to “name” an update it’s usually worth noting! I’ve seen Venice update speculation that I think misses the mark. So here is the Linda scoop on what I think this update means. NEW ranking opportunities that didn’t exist before and that you could totally miss unless you read this and understand this subtle but noteworthy change in the local algo.