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Google+ Local Tips, Tricks, Ranking, Live Video from Google and Farewell Places Pages

The other Google Top Contributors and I will be having a live hangout Q & A session with Google – so I may have more info then. But wanted to share a few tips and observations based on Q’s I’m getting or seeing in the forum. BE SURE TO SEE VIDEO AT BOTTOM which is from a Google Austin live seminar yesterday, explaining all the changes. Some great tidbits LIVE from Google!

Google+ Local Launches – Google Places and Google+ Pages for Business Merge

Well, rock my world! I KNEW there was a major update coming due to all the problems being reported in the forum and now it’s official. Below is the most detailed and pertinent info for business owners regarding how this affects Place Pages. Some features are now missing, review piece is totally different and more. PLUS round up of the most important posts and resources about Google+ Local.

Google Places Video Wrapup #2 from Vanessa

This week’s video update from Vanessa includes topics such as: the new PO Box rules, % complete in the dashboard, where Places get it’s business data from, info about Google overwriting website title tags in the search results and more. Vanessa added links embedded in the video so you can get more info about any of the topics she covers.

SoLoMo Revolution

Profound Video from Fast Company – We won’t talk about mobile as a separate category because every Internet driven company by definition IS going to be mobile oriented, socially oriented and locally oriented. It seems to me this is an entrepreneurial chance of a lifetime, as a whole generation grows up on this platform.

Google Places Reviews – Critically Broken or Chronically Ignored?

Below is a story that recently broke, which I’m going to use to point out how badly broken the whole Google Places review system is, on numerous levels AND I’m going to attempt to illustrate a deeper problem that I think COULD be at the core of some of the lost reviews – a ClusterF*.

Google Places Forum Help, Hot Tips, Warnings, Bugs, Blunders – Issue 4

Discover the hottest recent threads from the Google Places forum to ensure you don’t miss anything important. In this issue: Hide your ASS or Lose your ASS on Google. HELP I’m ranking too high. Moved – Better Close your Place page. Missing Video Bug still alive and well. Changing CID problems. Plus another class action lawsuit threat from users on the forum.

Weird Google Local Update – Title Tags Being Overwritten? 2 New Updates

Hang on to your seats. Crazy new Google update, or hopefully just a test – because these new SERPS do not enhance the user experience! And some of the results are just plain bad. Like the escort listing that scored a Chiropractor ONE BOX and knocked all the Drs off page one in this major metro area

Announcing Video Updates from Google Places Starring Vanessa – The New Matt Cutts of LOCAL

Want more updates and transparency from Google? Ask and ye shall receive! Here is the 1st video overview and users should really appreciate the updates and transparency. For those that don’t know Vanessa very well it will really help put more of a face on Google Places. Vanessa is the new Matt Cutts of local!

New Reputation Management Software with Google Places Review Backups, Review Alerts and More – PreLaunch Announcement

Just had demo – this is HOT! In addition to all the general rep management and social media monitoring features it includes 2 sorely needed Google Places review features I specifically recommended; Google Places review automatic backups AND new review alerts, for those that want to reply to reviews. SEE SCREEN SHOTS. Plus review sentiment analysis on over 20 other review sites and Social Media summary with combined Facebook type wall for all social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Google Places Description and More Details Section – Some News and Pro Opinions from the Field

Do keywords in these fields help ranking at all any more? Does Google even look at the, now invisible, more details section? Can you get penalized for over-optimizing these 2 sections? Wanted to share some new info, recent changes and somewhat conflicting expert opinions about 2 sections of the Google Places dashboard – the description and the additional details sections.

Google Places & Local Search Buzz – Issue 3 – May 11 2012

Weekly roundup of the most important tips and news in the world of Google Places and Local SEO. Updates, bugs and tips in this issue including WARNING about Places missing video bug, why I QUIT doing Google Places, and tons more…

Why I Got Out of the Google Places Optimization Business

I was helping an exceedingly frustrated local SEO consultant in the forum that was asking Vanessa why there were so many constant problems with Places. I wanted to share part of my answer to him as it leads me to an announcement I’ve been needing to make and have put off. My answer in part was I QUIT – But there is a whole lot more to this story

Google Launches Mobile Offers and More with Google Maps for Android Update

Google is busy with new product launches and enhancements on the Maps/Mobile/Places side of the house this week. Today they announced the Maps 6.7 release which has LOCAL OFFERS, indoor walking directions plus 360-degree interior photos of businesses. This is pretty cool technology and should push more businesses to launch offers – Stay tuned for more info soon.

Google Places Launches Upgraded Multi-Location Bulk Listing Management Tool

Google announced a new improved interface for those who do bulk uploads for multiple location businesses yesterday. I’ll be in training with Google later today to learn more. Below is info from Google and a link to videos that show you how it works.

Google Places Forum Help, Hot Tips, Warnings, Bugs, Blunders – Issue 3

Here are some of the very most important threads from the Google Places forum to ensure you don’t miss any important updates, hot tips, bugs or fixes. MAJOR BUG – MAJOR OUTAGE. The big news this past week was a bug and outage that affected (I predict) thousands of Place pages. Read on for the current status, tons of great Places tips and other GP problems.

Google Places & Local Search Buzz – Issue 2 – May 4 2012

Welcome to Google Places & Local Search Buzz. A new weekly roundup of the most important tips and news in the world of Google Places and Local SEO. Important updates, Google Places bugs and ranking tips in this issue, so READ ON below.