Over 1,150 SEOs took part in BrightLocal’s 2012 Local SEO Industry Survey.

Excited to announce the survey is back! Click here for the 2013 survey.

Understanding our Industry

The objective of the survey is to gain a clear understanding of the health & nature of the Local SEO industry. We will publicly share the results so everyone in our industry can benefit from the findings. The survey explores the following topics –

  • Annual turnover
  • Services & Prices
  • Sales & new business
  • Daily SEO tasks (‘likes’ & ‘hates’)
  • Client performance

Benchmark yourself against your peers

Have you ever wondered how your business compares to your peers & competitors?

  • Do you offer the same services?
  • Do you earn more/less per customer?
  • Do you outsource as much work as other SEOs?
  • Do other SEOs find citation submissions as much of a chore as you do?

Taking part in the survey will give you answers to these questions. The more SEOs who take part will ensure that the results will be as useful as possible, and provide an accurate picture of the industry. Also, we’ll give you access to the results before the wider public sees them, so you will be the first to know!

Confidential and Anonymous

All survey questions are optional. All results are aggregated, and individual responses will never be made public. Heck, you don’t even need to give us your name if you don’t want to (we only ask for it so that we can email you when the results are ready)

I’m helping Myles promote this survey because I think it’s good for the industry.
Please head over and weigh in!

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