Wowser, have you seen any of the 3D business tours Google has done show up on any Place pages yet? VERY cool! Google announced the Business Photos pilot program back in May. But they just started rolling it out on a bigger scale. You can read more and request a business photo shoot here.

I discovered an interesting thread about the new rollout on Hacker News yesterday and tracked down a few 3D business photo shoots for your viewing pleasure below. Cruise around inside these businesses and take a look!

Click arrow to go inside Gruhn Guitars – Wowser nice guitars and super high res photography! Multi-directional arrows – Where in the store would you like to go? Note: zoom in to see the inventory close up!

Here’s how the 3D tour is displayed on Gruhn Guitar’s Place Page – an animated image under the map.

Comics Toons N Toys – Walk in the front door.
Comics Toons N Toys – Detailed close up of their store inventory.

Techlab Photo & Digital – Come on in, cruise around.

Scream Sorbet – Arrow is hard to see on sidewalk – click to go inside.

Here’s an animated video Google released yesterday promoting the service.

What do you think?

Share any others you find in the comments below.

PS Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately. I’ve been buried! [begin rant] NOT helping companies which is what I’m SUPPOSED to be doing. I’ve been buried in Google bugs and Places problems. Hidden ghost dupes, businesses marked closed, smooshed phone number bugs, Google changing data without permission or warning, tons of Google changes emails that have the wrong data that I then have to prevent them from changing. Problems, problems, problems. I could blog more and help so many more people if only Google Places worked right and I didn’t have to spend all my time troubleshooting! [/end rant]

Having said all that, I am working on a big and important post. It will be a group research project that will help us all. Stay tuned.