I often blog about newsworthy or time-saving Google Places or Local SEO solutions. Typically these are non-paid public service announcements or simply tools I discover that I believe will be helpful for to my readers.

Once in a blue moon (i.e. hardly ever) I may get credit and make a small affiliate commission from a tool I turn my readers on to.

Trust me when I say I will NEVER post a link on this blog simply for a commission! My good reputation is worth far more to me than dollars!

But if I find a tool that works well and would be helpful to to you, and I take the time to share info about the tool with you, instead of keeping it to myself – I feel it’s appropriate for me to occasionally get paid for that effort. Plus getting a commission here and there DOES help cover the time I take away from paying clients to research, blog and share all the other info I publish here to try to help the local search marketing industry.

Feel free to simply strip off the back end of a link and to go direct to source,
if for any reason you want to bypass me and I won’t earn anything.
I’m cool with that.