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Give your Google Place Page a Good Poke – a Poke FAQ

This post will be remedial for some of the full-time Places pros that read this blog. But I’m amazed at how many companies I do ADVANCED Places training for that don’t know about this trick. In training I refer to a POKE as your new 2nd best friend in the Google Places game. 65% of my training clients don’t know what a Poke is, why you need to do it and how often and most of my training clients are pretty serious professionals, so that tells me lots of my other readers especially business owners, likely don’t know what a poke is either.

Overcoming New Google Places Duplicate Listing Problems for Dentists, Doctors, Attorneys

Strategies for solving the professional duplicates puzzle. I think I figured out a couple really good solutions to the Doctor, Dentist, Lawyer Google dupe problem. There will be 3 parts to this post where I will attempt to explain how to minimize practitioner dupes so they don’t impact ranking for your main listing.

Google+ Local Early Merge Requests are Starting to Go Through – Early Peek at Whats Coming

Didn’t even think this was supposed to be public yet, so I wasn’t going to share what I knew, but I guess if emails went out it’s public now. Mike has the scoop and I assume all my readers, read Mike’s blog. I’m buried and no time write any additional info, but still wanted to give a personal head’s up that the merge is in it’s very beginning stages. Head over and read the deets and follow the comments over there.

Google Places DUPLICATES – Have Doctor, Dentist or Lawyer DUPES? You NEED to Read This

If you deal with Dentists, Doctors and Lawyers – hang on, because there are more changes brewing that Agencies and SEOs need to get a grip on. Get a load of what Google support is saying about duplicate Doctor, Dentist and Attorney listings now. They won’t delete dupes any more EVEN IF they are no longer with the practice. All dupes must stand. Lots of gotchas. LONG POST INSIDE.

Google+ Local Update Some Tips and Important News

It’s been like a whirlwind so I have not been able to keep up with my forum updates or share all the news as it hits. So this post is just going to be a big mashup of really important info – some tips from me, some bugs and problems, some forum posts as well as posts from others.

Google+ Pages Forum Closing Today – Consolidating into Google and your Business Forum

Exciting news. To further prove the coming integration of Google Places and Google+, the Google+ Business pages forum is closing down and everything is being consolidated into the forum I work at, the “Google and your Business” forum. The G+ community manager and Top Contributors are all moving over as well, so you’ll be seeing some new faces in the “Places” forum. More info below.

David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors 2012 – Just Launched

David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors 2012 just came out. This is THE holy grail for local search. In this time of chaotic Google Places/Google+ Local changes, you will want to be sure to read every word. Oh and good luck getting anything else done today!

Confusion with Google+ Local Pages and Local Google+ Pages is Making SMB Heads Spin

How about a Monday morning brain twister? SMBs heads are spinning and local pros too. There are 2 separate local products in Google with almost the same name. Either this latest change that morphed Places Pages into Google+ Local pages was not very well thought out OR the right hand didn’t know what that the left hand was doing. But they should fix, before it gets any more convoluted. The plot thickens… Lots more to this confusing story below.

Google+ Local Bugs and More – VIDEO Wrapup from the Google and Your Business Forum

As with any update there are bugs and lingering issues as a result of the major Google+ Local update. I don’t usually post on weekends, but was offline yesterday so wanted to sure my readers didn’t miss this latest video update with helpful tips from the Google+ Local team. Plus see important info about a MAJOR bug that is affecting lots of service area business listings.

Local University Advanced – Insights from Leading Local SEO Pros

Local University is underway today at SMX Advanced in Seattle. I’ve been following the tweets, watching for the gold nuggets of wisdom and insider tips that come out of these events. Joel Headley from Google did a Q & A and shared several critical points. So I wanted to be sure everyone knows what he and others had to say today. Sharing the most important insights and Tweets I’ve read so far, starting off with important comments from Joel.

Hardcore Local SEO Tactics – Coverage from SMX Advanced 2012 Seattle

I don’t have time to go to conferences any more and don’t normally cover them. But I sure wish I could have been a bug on the wall at all the SMX parties last night, listening to all the convos Local SEO pros had about all the Google changes. I understand the changes and what’s coming more than most I think, after my meeting with Google last week, but would love to have heard all the scuttlebutt, conjecture and strategies that were discussed.

Vanessa Waves Good Bye to Google Places and Google+ Local

Is that a Map Marker? NO symbolically today it’s a little red tear drop. Vanessa Schneider has truly become the face of Google Places. In fact after her 1st forum Video WrapUp I called her the “Matt Cutts” of local. Sadly Vanessa is moving on to a different department at Google. When she told me Friday that she was leaving I literally cried. She just made her official announcement. Go say bye and wish her well!

VIDEO – Google+ Local Insights from Vanessa – Google and Your Business Forum WrapUp

Great video! I just have to tell you that seeing and hearing about the changes, will offer a lot of reassurance and calm some fears. So do take time to watch this! Google Top Contributors were just treated to a super insightful Hangout with upper management Googlers to discuss all the changes and future direction. Learning where this is all going and getting a TON of our questions answered, I feel like I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. After all the future changes are implemented I think we’ll see that many of the core Places problems will be reduced and I am excited about where this is all headed. Yes, there will be bumps along the way – but in the end this will be a much improved solution for all, I believe.

Google+ Local Tips, Tricks, Ranking, Live Video from Google and Farewell Places Pages

The other Google Top Contributors and I will be having a live hangout Q & A session with Google – so I may have more info then. But wanted to share a few tips and observations based on Q’s I’m getting or seeing in the forum. BE SURE TO SEE VIDEO AT BOTTOM which is from a Google Austin live seminar yesterday, explaining all the changes. Some great tidbits LIVE from Google!

Google+ Local Launches – Google Places and Google+ Pages for Business Merge

Well, rock my world! I KNEW there was a major update coming due to all the problems being reported in the forum and now it’s official. Below is the most detailed and pertinent info for business owners regarding how this affects Place Pages. Some features are now missing, review piece is totally different and more. PLUS round up of the most important posts and resources about Google+ Local.

Google Places Video Wrapup #2 from Vanessa

This week’s video update from Vanessa includes topics such as: the new PO Box rules, % complete in the dashboard, where Places get it’s business data from, info about Google overwriting website title tags in the search results and more. Vanessa added links embedded in the video so you can get more info about any of the topics she covers.

SoLoMo Revolution

Profound Video from Fast Company – We won’t talk about mobile as a separate category because every Internet driven company by definition IS going to be mobile oriented, socially oriented and locally oriented. It seems to me this is an entrepreneurial chance of a lifetime, as a whole generation grows up on this platform.

Google Places Reviews – Critically Broken or Chronically Ignored?

Below is a story that recently broke, which I’m going to use to point out how badly broken the whole Google Places review system is, on numerous levels AND I’m going to attempt to illustrate a deeper problem that I think COULD be at the core of some of the lost reviews – a ClusterF*.

Google Places Forum Help, Hot Tips, Warnings, Bugs, Blunders – Issue 4

Discover the hottest recent threads from the Google Places forum to ensure you don’t miss anything important. In this issue: Hide your ASS or Lose your ASS on Google. HELP I’m ranking too high. Moved – Better Close your Place page. Missing Video Bug still alive and well. Changing CID problems. Plus another class action lawsuit threat from users on the forum.

Weird Google Local Update – Title Tags Being Overwritten? 2 New Updates

Hang on to your seats. Crazy new Google update, or hopefully just a test – because these new SERPS do not enhance the user experience! And some of the results are just plain bad. Like the escort listing that scored a Chiropractor ONE BOX and knocked all the Drs off page one in this major metro area