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Local Search Buzz – Google+ Local SEO Roundup 4/17/2014

There have been so many great topics at the Local Search Forum & around the web that get buried. I know many of you suffer from info overload, so here is the latest roundup of the most important recent posts. REMINDER: I post news at the Local Search Forum AS SOON AS IT HITS! I […]

FREE Webinar: “State of Local Search” Mike Blumenthal, Andrew Shotland, Phil Rozek, BrightLocal, Linda Buquet

Announcing a new series of FREE educational events designed for the Local Search industry, brought to you by BrightLocal & the Local Search Forum.

Launching NOW – New Google Places Dashboard – All-in-one Local Listing Management

So excited to finally be able to announce the launch of the new Google Places Dashboard. YAY! This new All-in-One Google Local Listing Management Dashboard offers SOOOOO many significant advantages and yes the old dashboard is really going away. Tons of new info and screenshots below. SNEAK PEEK – Click Image to see All the […]

New Intensive ADVANCED Google+ Local TRAINING

I just completely restructured and expanded my intensive Advanced Google+ Local training program. Doubled the time and added tons of content – without increasing the price. Added more bonuses too.

Get involved: 2013 Local SEO Industry Survey

Over 1,150 SEOs took part in BrightLocal’s 2012 Local SEO Industry Survey. Excited to announce the survey is back! Click here for the 2013 survey.

Current Google+ Local Bugs and Problems Roundup Report

There are several new Google+ Local bugs ‘bugging’ folks and I have not done a very good job of reporting them individually over at the Local Search Forum as they come up. I’ll try to do a better job of sharing new issues as I become aware of them. But here are a few recent bugs/problems/issues all in one post…

Local Search Experts Share Work/Life Balance Tips for 2013

I thought this was a great post to kick off the New Year, since most local search pros I know are workaholics and this post gets into some great insight from leaders in the field about work/life balance, making time to stay healthy and taking time for family. I was emailed recently by Adam Steele, a member of a Local Mastermind Group I’m involved in… See answers from Mike Blumenthal, Alex Fusman, Mary Bowling, Darren Shaw, Matthew Hunt and Mike Ramsey.

Happy Holidays from Catalyst and the Local Search Team

Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings

Google+ and Local Search Buzz – Major Google Local Updates December 2012

There have been so many important topics at the Local Search Commmunity Forum, I don’t I have time to cover them all. Some MAJOR Google updates for local, big issues you need to read. Plus lots of insightful advice if your local search consulting business is struggling. Plus some bugs and display changes for local.

Top Advice and Predictions for Local SEO in 2013

What were the biggest changes to Local SEO in 2012? What do experts predict is coming for Google+ Local in 2013? What’s the best advice for the coming year? And let’s throw in some CRACKPOT Google+ Local predictions too!

I was recently interviewed by Myles from BrightLocal, along with thought leaders Mike Blumenthal, Mike Ramsey and Laura Betterly. Read the link below to discover our answers to the questions below.

12 Most Important Local Search Blog Posts of 2012

There were several defining moments in local search in the year 2012; The update to Google+ Local, the ability to merge your Place page with your Google+ Business page (still not ready for prime time), the Google Local review problems and the thousands of small businesses deleted by Google due to the service area/hide your address fiasco. Following are my picks for the best local search blogs posts of 2012.

Google+ and Local Search Buzz – November 2012

Latest local SEO and Google+ Local news from the Local Search Community. These are just a few of the many great threads that started in November. There are lots of other great discussions too, so head over and join in!

The Crazy Mixed up Confusing World of Google+ Local

WOW! Did someone at StreetFight just reach inside my brain and pen all my Google Local frustrations? He summed up SO many of the complicated Google+ Local issues, that plague consultants and business owners alike. Article below, but 1st – a Google Places CARTOON that says it all! SEE INSIDE.

Just Launched – Business-Building Forum for Local SEO Consultants

This new forum is dedicated to providing resources to help manage the “Business Side” of local search consulting. Great topics for this forum would include anything related to: prospecting, pricing, packaging, billing, time management, productivity tools or anything about managing and GROWING a more successful business! Already have some great posts started. Jump in and check it out.

Just Launched – New Local Search Community Member Perks

Today is our 3 month anniversary at the Local Search Forum. Can you believe this thriving community is only 3 months old? Wow! It’s been a crazy whirlwind of activity that has resulted in over 4,000 posts and almost 400 members. To celebrate our 3 month milestone we wanted to add 3 new member perks!

Local Search and Google+ Local News Highlights

Busy week? Today might be a good day for you to take a break and get caught up on the latest local SEO and Google+ Local news from the Local Search Community Forum you may have missed. Following are just a few October posts I hand picked and think are some of the most important to read. Also see BIG HEADs UP.

New Local SEO Tools – Local Search Software Forum Just Launched

The Local Search Forum is just over 2 months old, but we’ve been experiencing rapid growth due to the overwhelming support of the local search community. The forum has expanded to the point already where it’s getting hard for folks to find the info they need. So we need to start to splitting off some more forums to help keep everything organized and easy to find. So I just launched the new Local SEO Tools – Local Search Software Forum…

Warning: New Google Guidelines Local SEOs Must Know – Could Cause Penalties

Google just updated many of the Google Guidelines. Since the blended algo is primarily about organic, Local search consultants need to keep up with the changes and comply, just as you do with the Google Places Guidelines. See RED highlights for IMPORTANT Guideline changes for LOCAL I want to alert you to and discuss. If your site dropped, this likely why.

Local Keyword Tools PLUS New Google Algo Updates Affecting LOCAL Results

See all the screenshots and discover some LOCAL keyword research techniques you may have missed. PLUS a few new algo updates recently rolled out and some ARE affecting local. (Including NEW PANDA update.)

Local Exact Match Domains Still Rank – Google Algo Update

All weekend the forums and blogs were atwitter with the news and lots of webmasters have reported getting hit by the algo change. Here are posts at Search Engine Land, SEOmoz and over at WebmasterWorld the discussion is up to 15 pages so far. I was involved in a few of those conversations, plus others, trying to determine the impact on local and have not seen evidence of it. I did quite a bit of research over the weekend and here are just a few of the local EMDs I found still sitting in top spots…