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Proud to Announce – Miriam Ellis Joins the Local Search Forum Team

I’m thrilled to announce that the Local Search Community is expanding and we just added my friend Miriam Ellis to the team. Most of you that have worked in Local for awhile know who Miriam is. She’s a fellow contributor with me over at David Mihms “Local Search Ranking Factors” and is the Local SEO Associate over at the SEOmoz Forum, plus you’ve likely read her blog…

Why Did my Google Local Ranking Drop? The Answer

The Local search algo is like a giant complicated puzzle. You can add some pieces (new citations) but then other factors can happen at around the same time, like getting dinged on the organic side for links OR competitors adding MORE new puzzle pieces than you did. Then when you add in the time delay between action and reaction, it can make it really hard to know exactly what’s causing ranking drops OR increases for that matter. Read on for more insights and the answer…

Mindblowing Google Maps Data – Inside Look at Ground Truth

An exclusive look inside Ground Truth, the secretive program to build the world’s best accurate maps. Maybe, like me, you are so focused on G+ Local business data that you never stop to think with wonder about the Google base map and how amazingly complex it must be for Google’s to organize all the world’s information on a map. fter reading this article I have new respect for Google maps and am kind of in awe really.

Dynamite Google Review Funnel Strategy – Video

I’ve known about a REALLY smart strategy my friend Matthew Hunt uses for awhile and wanted to share, but wasn’t sure it was public knowledge. He just blogged it and did a video so wanted to be sure you all see this. It’s a really slick way of funneling or trying to screen out negative reviews so they aren’t as likely to hit Google. AND this system gets that negative feedback directly to you, tied to the customers name & email, so you can fix your customer service problem AND make it right with the customer. BUT if the customers feedback is POSITIVE, then you funnel them to the reviews sites of your choosing on a really nice review page, that includes a video about HOW TO POST A REVIEW on whichever review site they select.

Vote for Your Leading Local Search Influencer Today

I went through and found all the Local Search Pros that have been nominated – the ones I know anyway. (So sorry if I missed anyone.) These are all great guys that all do lots of good things for our industry. But my vote goes to Mike Blumenthal, because I don’t think anyone does more to help SMBs and the industry with Google+ Local problems than Mike does. He doesn’t have many votes so far, so go give him YOUR vote of confidence and appreciation for all he does!

David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors 2012 – Just Launched

David Mihm’s Local Search Ranking Factors 2012 just came out. This is THE holy grail for local search. In this time of chaotic Google Places/Google+ Local changes, you will want to be sure to read every word. Oh and good luck getting anything else done today!

Hardcore Local SEO Tactics – Coverage from SMX Advanced 2012 Seattle

I don’t have time to go to conferences any more and don’t normally cover them. But I sure wish I could have been a bug on the wall at all the SMX parties last night, listening to all the convos Local SEO pros had about all the Google changes. I understand the changes and what’s coming more than most I think, after my meeting with Google last week, but would love to have heard all the scuttlebutt, conjecture and strategies that were discussed.

Google Places Video Wrapup #2 from Vanessa

This week’s video update from Vanessa includes topics such as: the new PO Box rules, % complete in the dashboard, where Places get it’s business data from, info about Google overwriting website title tags in the search results and more. Vanessa added links embedded in the video so you can get more info about any of the topics she covers.

SoLoMo Revolution

Profound Video from Fast Company – We won’t talk about mobile as a separate category because every Internet driven company by definition IS going to be mobile oriented, socially oriented and locally oriented. It seems to me this is an entrepreneurial chance of a lifetime, as a whole generation grows up on this platform.

Weird Google Local Update – Title Tags Being Overwritten? 2 New Updates

Hang on to your seats. Crazy new Google update, or hopefully just a test – because these new SERPS do not enhance the user experience! And some of the results are just plain bad. Like the escort listing that scored a Chiropractor ONE BOX and knocked all the Drs off page one in this major metro area

New Reputation Management Software with Google Places Review Backups, Review Alerts and More – PreLaunch Announcement

Just had demo – this is HOT! In addition to all the general rep management and social media monitoring features it includes 2 sorely needed Google Places review features I specifically recommended; Google Places review automatic backups AND new review alerts, for those that want to reply to reviews. SEE SCREEN SHOTS. Plus review sentiment analysis on over 20 other review sites and Social Media summary with combined Facebook type wall for all social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+