Lake Medical & Chiropractic in San Marcos, California is a great Chiropractic practice! I should know – I’ve been a satisfied patient there for over 4 years. It’s a high quality, mature, multi-disciplinary practice with 3 Chiropractors and an MD. They’ve been in business for 24 years, don’t do any advertising and get the majority of their new patients via referrals. They hardly got any new patients calls from the Internet due to low ranking and poor visibility.

In April I decided to do some research on their Internet presence and discovered that not only did they have poor rankings but their practice identity on Google was ‘badly fractured’. When I tried to explain what that meant to Dr. Jeppesen he laughed and quipped: Why are we talking to you then??? Sounds like we need to call in the Ortho specialist! 😉

Long story short, I took them from the 3rd page of Google maps, where no one looks, to the #2 spot at the top of the 1st page of Google. I’m still working on repairing all the fractures and Google has not updated yet with all the optimization I have done. So I predict in another month they will be #1.


Here’s the link to the search results page – See #2 ranking below.

LakeMedicalChiropractic Google Map

OK so to start let’s talk about FRACTURED listings. This often happens in Chiropractic, Medical and Dental offices, due to Google pulling data from numerous sources that may have the practice listed different ways. Google then sets up multiple Google Place pages thinking they are different businesses. Additionally many times a practice sets up a new listing not realizing Google already created one, which also creates a duplicate.

1st of all – important to realize having duplicate Google Places pages is against the Google’s TOS and can get you penalized. Just as import, is the fact that Google’s algorithm attributes various trust factors to Place pages. In ultra simplified terms, the practice with the most trust factors ends up on top in Google. HOWEVER when you have fractured listings and duplicate Google Place pages it divides up those trust factors and hurts your rankings.

So in the case of Lake Medical & Chiropractic, they had a listing for Lake Medical Center, a listing for Lake Chiropractic Clinic and listings for each Dr. The practice names were both previous names so were listed that way with numerous upstream data providers. However their new CURRENT practice name is Lake Medical AND Chiropractic and that name was new so was nowhere to be found.

Additionally all the upstream data was badly fractured, not only due to the different practice names and Dr. names – but also different spellings of the address and 2 different phone numbers. Google only counts a trust vote if the Name, address and phone is EXACTLY the way it is listed on the Place page. So if Drive was abbreviated to Dr. in some listings and the other phone number was used, it would not count as a vote for the practice.

So I created a totally new Google Places listing for the new practice name “Lake Medical and Chiropractic” totally optimized the Places listing with all the things that I know help to boost ranking and began to work on merging and deleting all the other listings. Additionally I had to do numerous submissions to over 100 upstream data providers to try to correct all the incorrect practice data so it would match the new practice listing on Google.

SUCCESS TIMELINE: I started this case on April 20th 2010. On May 5th their listing jumped from page 3 on maps to #5 (out of 7) at the top of the 1st page on Google. On 5/25 the listing moved up to #2. I’m still working on repairing the fractures and Google has not updated yet all the optimization I’v done. So I predict in another month they will be #1. Feel free to watch their progress!

Additionally I re-wrote their homepage copy to make it more patient-centered, friendly and less clinical and made recommendations to improve their organic search engine ranking as well. They are currently on the 1st page, #7 in organic ranking. We are working on building a new web site, which should help too.

The net result? More new patients, greater visibility, enhanced branding and more time for the Drs. to do what they do best – take care of patients!

Here is what Dr. Lance Jeppesen has to say about the experience and about my service, from the review he just added to MY Google Places page.

Gifted in what she does! By Dr. Lance – Jun 2, 2010

We have a successful mature Chiropractic practice (24 years) with many happy patients, but couldn’t be found at the top of Google’s 1st page where new patients could find us. We were on page 3 of Google Maps and I would be surprised if anyone looks that deep while searching. Linda at Catalyst told us our listing was badly fractured with multiple Google Places listings under different variations of our practice name. As I stay busy with patient care and administration I was not even aware of the type of internet exposure and rankings.

After she worked on our account for 2 weeks we jumped to #5 on the 1st page of Google and now 2 weeks later we are #2, right at the top. It’s great getting calls from new patients from the web that may not have found us otherwise. Linda is great to work with and even helped re-write our homepage copy and made suggestions for improving the ranking on our web site. I found her very knowledgeable, proficient and to the point without hype – which is exactly what we needed.

FYI: This is the 2nd Chiropractic case study I have done. If you missed the 1st one, please read it here: Google Places Optimization: Tale of a Chiropractor that went from #44 to #1 on Google Local

Have questions about your Place listing, duplicate listings or merging? Feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Always happy to help!

Some link love for my Chiro for letting me publish this case history: 😉

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Link to their Google Map

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