Google Places ToolI’ve been meaning to blog about this Google Places tool for awhile. If you do Google Places optimization and value your time, this is a ‘must have’ tool to add to your arsenal. See screen shot and watch video for full impact, because I’m only going to do a brief overview today.

Me brief? Who knew that was even possible??? 😉

Imagine being able to quickly size up a Google Places market, without having to do the time consuming work of clicking on each Place page to check out how well optimized listings are or if they are claimed. The Google Places Results Analyzer will pull the top Google Places listings and show you at a glance: the business name, the web site title tag, # of citations, # of reviews, # of images, whether it’s claimed and distance from city center. Then you can even download and analyze citation sources, review sources and categories!

And did I mention it’s FREE? How hot is that???

Watch the video, then read below for a tool that’s even MORE powerful.

Click image to see full size

Although the tool above has everything needed for a cursory overview, soon I’ll been sharing another Google Places tool that’s 10 times more powerful. This 2nd tool lets you analyze much deeper and gathers details like: Places rank, Organic rank, SEO data (H1 tags, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, number of backlinks) KML files, contact info from a variety of sources and TONS more. Then you can output the data in several formats to analyze it or even output to an HTML template to use it as a new client prospecting or reporting tool.

Will blog it when I get time. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, have you used the Google Places Results Analyzer?
Love to hear your thoughts about it!