When Google acquired Frommers, the travel guide, back in August there was speculation about how Google would use/integrate all their rich travel content. I think I discovered one of the ways last week. It looks like they recently started adding Frommers content to Google+ Local pages.

Has anyone else seen these big rich descriptions above the “At A Glance” section of Google+ Local pages before? I think this is new. Have not seen anyone blog it yet. Here’s how I discovered it.

I helped the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose at the Google Forum. You can see the description added to the Museum’s Google+ Local page right above the reviews. The description was incorrect and out of date, so he wanted to know how to change it.

When I searched for the content I found it on the NYtimes travel domain, some Google books, Frommers and several other sites. So initially I just thought Google was scraping it, like they do the review sentiments in the “At a Glance Section”. Then I remembered Google purchased Frommers back in August, so it makes sense they would integrate the content.

Here are a couple articles about Google’s Frommers acquisition.

Google buys Frommer’s travel brand – Aug. 13, 2012 CNN

Zagat Take Two: Google To Acquire Frommer’s Travel Guides – SearchEngineLand

See any other good examples? I have not had time to do a deep dive on this.

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