Yesterday, helping someone on the Google forum I stumbled across new Photo guidelines for Google Local+. Most made sense but a couple made me scratch my head and think “this is going to be a problem”. Then my friend Miriam Ellis blogged it this AM and it turns out she has some of the same concerns/questions I did.


See the new guidelines, my thoughts, Miriam’s post and comments over at the new Local Search Forum.

New Google+ Local Photo Guidelines – No More Logos and No Ugly Mugs!

Another update 8/8: Jade just let me know they were able to get those guidelines changed and they no longer prohibit user photos of people or logos providing they are related to or appropriate for the business.

UPDATE: 8/1 Google labeled the page now to show guidelines are for consumers not SMBs.

UPDATE: 7/27 I escalated to Google because lots of users on the forum are upset and confused about his as well. Told them they need to label the damn page explaining these are USER guidelines, not business owner guidelines. (See more discussion at the forum link below.)

MAJOR CORRECTION 7/26: Just saw a Tweet from Blumenthal. He says these guidelines are for USER image uploads NOT Business owner uploads. So both Miriam and I took it wrong.

But it does not explain it ANYWHERE on that page, so it’s not our fault as much as it is Google just not being clear. Still kinda embarrassing. Sorry! Mike’s Tweet.

Note: To avoid duplicate content and not have to make multiple posts different places I’m adding most of my content now over at the new forum.

COMMENTS TURNED OFF – It’s easier to have an interactive discussion on the forum than a blog. Plus the forum has a wonderful community spirit already with everyone sharing tons of great content. So I’ve turned comments off in this post. Please READ THE REST of this post and join the ensuing discussion, over at the new Local Search Forum.