SEOmoz PRO just FINALLY launched a major update that added local (Google Places) results to their rank tracking solution and it looks like it has some pretty cool features. I have not tried it yet since I’m not a member. Have wanted to join, but held off since the tool previously didn’t feature local results. I’ll probably give it a spin soon.

Read the full post and see the screenshots over at the SEOmoz blog.

Universal Search Results in PRO – Part 1: Local Results

We’ve just shipped phase one of our support for Universal Search results, which includes data about local (a.k.a. places) results in Google search results. Whether it’s a 7-pack or a blended result, if you care about local SERP results, it’s often a pain to find out where you stand. We aim to help.

Be sure to also check out my Google Places Software & Free Local SEO Tools page which has other dynamite tracking solutions for Google Places.

Sorry I haven’t been blogging. I have one new REALLY hot resource I want to share but I don’t want it to get spammed to death or over-used, so am trying to decide if I should do a private post and only allow trusted marketers to view. (I know some major spammers/scammers read this blog, so need to be careful about sharing precious little known resources.) But that would require me having a list (which I should, but don’t) or individually approving people that request to view, which is extra time and hassle I don’t have. So chewing on that one. (Maybe I need to bite the bullet and get my Places forum launched, that way I could have a private member only section for hot tips like this???) Any ideas on how best to handle?

Now that I’m a Google Top Contributor I’ve also been spending all free time helping people on the Places forum, which cuts into blogging time. But once I get re-organized and get a couple client projects finished, hopefully I can do a better job of “keeping all my balls in the air!” (That comment’s for you Mike!)