Are Google Places sitelinks new? I’ve never noticed them before and have not seen other bloggers mention them. I mean, I know what regular organic sitelinks are, I’ve just never noticed them in the blended local search results.

If you can figure out how to get sitelinks for clients, it’s a way to make them stand out from the pack AND gives them a listing that’s 1 line bigger than others AND gets them 4 extra internal links in the same listing. If it gives regular search listings an extra edge, imagine the impact for a highly targeted local search, especially since it appears hardly anyone knows how to do it. I’ve done numerous searches today looking for local sitelinks and have seen very few.

Since Google Places is designed primarily to rank for the city your address is actually in, this seems like it could be a way to get your client extra exposure for other nearby cities they serve. Additionally it can show deep links to other services that could be of interest. CLICK TO VIEW FULL SIZE IMAGE

So how do you get sitelinks? It’s not an exact science. Here is one pretty good article but there are lots of others. Need Sitelinks? Show Google Your Site Is Useful. Here is info about it from big G: Webmast Help Sitelinks

But since these Google sitelinks are showing up in local, what I would do is click through to the examples in the screenshot to see if you can reverse engineer how they did it. Here is a direct link to the SERPS: air conditioning san diego

Hat tip to Dino Maiolo from InternetWebMarketing.Org, a friend and fellow Google Places pro, who shared this discovery with me.

Let us know in comments if you’ve seen other local sitelinks or if you know/find out how to make them happen!