All the changes in local search, especially Google Places, can make you dizzy and if you run a business, it can be hard to stay on top of. We keep up with all the changes at Google Places  – so you don’t have to!

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Look out Groupon – Here Comes Google Offers

If you can’t buy ’em out, you clone ’em! Google offers are being BETA tested. Consumers can sign up for offer alerts and merchants can request more info.

Google Offers Taking Signups In New York City, Bay Area & Portland

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Say Goodbye to Google Places Tags – To be Retired End of April

My Google Places support rep, Agent A tells me Google is busy BETA testing some other new ad options, so stay tuned! In the meantime here’s the Google Places post about the demise of tags.

An Update on Tags – Official Google Blog

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Google QR Codes Out – NFC is In!

Google dropped QR codes in favor of NFC. Here is some pertinent info.

Identive’s Exclusive Pact With Google Could Mean Millions

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Google Places Stats Stuck since April 11th

No it’s not just you! Yes, stats are stuck again and have been since April 11th. (I can tell by all the hits I’m getting for “Google Places Stats April 11th” that this is a problem lots of people are wondering about. Here’s a link to lots of problem reports in the help forum and with any luck Google may offer an answer.

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Here are a few new Google Places articles filled with great tips

Google Places Turns 1: What’s Working, What’s Not

Survey: 60% Of Consumers More Likely To Consider Or Contact Businesses With Images In Local Search Results

Improve Your Organic Rankings With Google Places, Part 3
Google Places Hotline Number Seen In the Wild!

So there you have it! So many new Google Places changes since my last news and updates post on April 11th. In case you missed it: Google Places Changes Galore – Hotpot, Huber and Hope

There’s more news, but I ran out of time.