Google Places seems to be having more verification problems recently than usual. One of many is the phone verification problem that Google acknowledged as a known issue on June 1st. Google seldom acknowledges problems in the Places forum. So it’s often difficult to figure out if a problem is really a problem or if it’s a temporary glitch or operator error. Interestingly, even once Google fixes a problem, which you think they’d be happy to report – it’s often one of the users that lets us know things are working again.

So if you’ve been struggling with the phone verification problem, follow this thread as it appears it MAY be solved according to one user. Hopefully Google will report back and let users know for sure the problem has been resolved.

Known Issue: Phone Verification not working
PlacesPro.Jay Google Employee

Some users are facing issues with phone verification. They get an invalid PIN error even after entering the correct PIN received over the phone. We’re now working on resolving this issue and the issue should be resolved soon.

Cheers, PlacesPro.Jay
Update: 6/10/11

Hi All,

Our engineers are working on fixing this issue and I’ll post an update once this is resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.