Looking for a good new way to get Google Places Citations? Here’s an up and coming option that seems to me to have garnered some extra trust with Google. Why? Because it shows up as a TIER 1 Citation – which I suspect carries much more weight with Google than a regular “more about this place” citation! (I just coined the phrase TIER 1 Citation and explain the significance with the 2nd screen shot below.)

But 1st, let’s talk about this hot citation source that few people know about yet. I want to share my perspective on some things that make it pretty unique.

Thumbtack describes itself as “Your Marketplace for Local Services“. I’ll show a screen shot of a random business listing I found. Then explain the benefits and some key features including what makes this a TIER 1 citation source.

Click image to view full size Thumbtack Business Listing

Click here to view full size

Here are a few things I love about Thumbtack.

1) Add a video or slideshow to the top of the listing for stunning visual impact.

2) NO COMPETITOR ADS – a biggie in my book! Almost every citation source, as well as Google Place pages themselves, litter your listing with your competitors links and ads.

3) TIER 1 CITATION potential – I say ‘potential’ because I am not certain it works in every case and don’t know for sure what triggered it in this case, however I have found enough TIER 1 Thumbtack listings to know this is not just a fluke! Let me show you what I mean by TIER 1 citation and explain by using the 3 image screen shot I made below.

About TIER 1 Citations – As you know, most Google Places citations show up at the bottom of the Place page in the “More about this place” section. However in the “more details” section higher up on the page, what I call TIER 1 citation sources like Yahoo, Angie’s List, Insider Pages and other MAJOR citation sources sometimes show up. Not only do they show but Google adds specific details from those pages such as services, specialties, etc. I believe these citations add lots of value to a Place page and possibly help boost rankings.

So let’s take a look at what this means in terms of Thumbtack citations below.

The top image shows Thumbtack as a TIER 1 citation toward the top of the Place page in the “More details” section AHEAD OF the MVP citation sources InsiderPages and Judy’s Book. FYI Thumbtack is the one that is posting the Area Served data which adds extra cities AND Zips to the Place page. Hmmm… 🙂

The next screen shot is after I clicked the “More details” link. This shows the area served Thumbtack details at the top of the page. Then although I didn’t make a screen shot, further down on this page is a HUGE string of surrounding towns and zips. (Not saying this will help rank in other towns, but it’s interesting, no???)

Then additionally, ThumbTack also shows up as a regular citation down in the “More about this place” section.

Here’s the live link to the Place Page I’m referring to in the screen shots above so you can go investigate more on your own.

There is lots more to love about Thumbtack, but I’m out of time. So I suggest you go check out this post at the Kat & Mouse Blog, which is where I discovered Thumbtack. THANKS Kathy! Be sure to read the comments as the founder of Thumbtack weighs in and answers some of my questions.

Watch out Yelp! Here comes Thumbtack! YEOW!