Want more customer/patient reviews to help build your Google Places rankings AND to help boost click-throughs and conversions? Sure you do! This is the age of ratings and reviews and Amazon has taught everyone very well that reviews count! So potential new customers who are searching for YOUR specific products and services are often judging you by your reviews, or lack there-of.

How do you stack up against the competition? Search Google for your main local keywords and find out. Oops! Not lookin’ so good, you say? So how do you get customers or patients to give you a review?

I developed a training program for my clients that gives them all types of review building tips and strategies. However for today I will just give you one of the most important tips of all for getting more reviews.


Sounds so simple, but for small business people it isn’t! How do you make it easy? Where should they leave a review? My Google Place page or one of the other review sites? Heck I can’t even find my Place page half the time, how are they going to? Then when I find it, how the heck do I get a short direct link to the review part of my Place page??? The long link in the address bar does not take them direct to my Place page. I’m so confused… HELP!

ReviewBizEnter ReviewBiz from Bright Local! A super slick FREE solution to the customer review conundrum!

See ReviewBiz in action below.
Mouse-over the ReviewBiz button
to see the expanded button!

Review 'Boxwood Cafe' with ReviewBiz local SEO tools from BrightLocal.com

ReviewBiz is a Free customer review button that can help any local business generate more online customer reviews. ReviewBiz works like the ‘addthis’ social bookmark button, but specifically for online reviews of local businesses.

Adding a ReviewBiz button to your website creates a direct link from your website through to each of your profile pages on popular online directories and search engines like Google Places, Yelp & Superpages. This makes it easier than ever for your loyal customers to leave a online review about your business which will boost your online presence and help attract new, local customers to your business.

ReviewBiz connects with most of the leading US and UK online local directories.
There’s a simple 5 step wizard that guides you through the quick creation & customization of your button that is specific to your business. Once you cut & paste the code into your site this neat little button does the rest and you don’t have to worry about it. It’s free to set up & BrightLocal provides free support and upgrades.

Head over to ReviewBiz to check it out and see if it would be helpful for your business. If you are one of the many Local SEOs or Google Places consultants that reads this blog, then use ReviewBiz as a cool free value-add for your services and set it up for your clients.

If you’d like to learn more about the growing importance of online reviews, BrightLocal, the company behind ReviewBiz, did some research in Q4, 2010 into consumer consumption of online reviews that you might find useful to reference.
Local Consumer Review Survey 2010 – Part 1

Questions? Feedback? I’m working with BrightLocal on some things so would love to hear your comments. ~ Linda ~