This is post #3 in an ongoing series where I attempt to surface the most important threads from the Google Places forum to ensure you donโ€™t miss any important hot tips, bugs or fixes. Also see Issue #1 and Issue #2.

UPDATE 5/9 3:30 PM – FYI NEW BUG ALERT, VIDEOS ARE MISSING – I just reported to Vanessa. Fix coming in a few days. Appears to be connected to the bug below which we thought was fixed Monday, but it appears other problems surfaced that are related. See this thread.

MAJOR BUG and OUTAGE Working on it: Seeing “We do not support this location”? Technical issues right now, sit tight. – So the big news this past week was a bug that affected (I predict) thousands of Place pages. But since only a fraction of SMBs watch their Place page we just see a fraction of the problems reported in the Places forum. So far there have been 139 posts in the thread above and many other individual threads.

I noticed lots of buggy things happening on Thursday and started seeing more “We do not support this location” reports trickling in the forum than usual, so alerted Vanessa I thought a problem was brewing. Then sure enough the floodgates opened and tons started reporting problems. Friday she announced a fix was rolling out that should correct the problem by end of day today. But Saturday many listings (including mine) came back plus many of the other bugs that affected my client listings, like Place pages showing unclaimed and losing all their data, started to recover. I think most listings that were affected by this bug have probably corrected by now, if they are going to.

If you are still having the “We do not support this location” problem tomorrow then it’s likely not due to this bug, but some other problem with your listing. If so, follow the instructions in this thread.

DISCONNECTED PLACE PAGE? I list a few reasons why a site and Place page can become disconnected in blended – basically it’s due to one of these problems on the Places side. Google Maps search results vary from Google search results. Related but with different issues. Since Penguin – My Google Places SERPS Disappeared Yet I Still appear #1 organically?

TRACKING NUMBERS Did the Algorithm update to include a local number too? I gave a really good quote I just heard Mike Blumenthal say on Webmaster Radio this AM. It’s a great quote to use if you have an SMB or marketing company that is trying to force a tracking # on you!

REVIEW STATIONS Review Stations and How Google Sees Them – A couple of us weigh in with the pros and cons.

CITATIONS and NAP CONSISTENCY Do Abbreviations Across Citations Matter? Does Capitalization? – Some discussion and tips.

DUPE AND MERGE NIGHTMARES How Automatic Updates on Mapmaker has combined information for 7 different businesses in different cities in California – a NAP nightmare! I don’t envy my friend Joy Hawkins trying to deal with this one. I call these ClusterF#ks and they are often impossible to unravel. Joy says “I’m going to warn everyone that this will make your head spin. This is probably the worst case of data-mix-up that I’ve ever seen due to tons of wrong NAP information around the web.”

SPLIT DUPES Listing SPLIT – Ranking gone – If you’ve ever experienced one of these you know they can be total brain twisters. Similar phrase comes to mind that’s a better fit, but not suited to this blog. ๐Ÿ˜‰

DUPLICATES the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE Plea: Disable Duplicates And All Processes Associated With Them – Dan Austin AKA blissfulight writes at the MapMaker forum “One of the worst aspect of Google MM (and Maps, and Places) is how Google handles duplicates. I’m a firm believer that the data should just be deleted, instead of being associated/merged with the original POI. The problem is is that duplicates can never be ‘unduplicated’, and the way that Places handles duplicates is even worse, frequently ‘merging’ disparate owner-verified listings. MM is littered with countless examples where the algo or bot or whatever made the wrong choice, as it usually does. It would greatly simplify the chore of cleaning up MM messes if duplicates were eliminated altogether, rather than persisting on Google MM.”

BAD SEO MOVE – SUSPENDED GooglePlaces Suspended | Vanessagene Please Answer – I would DIE if I was in this guy’s shoes. 100s of clients suspended! Don’t put yourself in this situation.

FRUSTRATED SEO Vanessa, Please Answer For Me – Frustrated Local SEO says: “I understand and appreciate your efforts in Google places so I’m biting my tongue as I certainly don’t wish to offend. I manage places accounts for clients who seriously would never be able to invest the time and patience required to jump through the Google hoops.” A couple of us answer his questions and I give a hint about a major announcement I’m about to make. Yes, I’m quitting – stay tuned for the details…

GOOGLE GIVETH and TAKETH AWAY HAVE MERCY O LORD GOOGLE! “Why has our business Joy May Photography been deleted from Gplaces AGAIN? What do we have to do to get relisted? HAVE MERCY O LORD GOOGLE!” This poor user keeps breaking the rules then begging for redemption over and over and over.

And now I’m over and out for this issue. Please let me know in comments if you found anything helpful or have questions about any of the issues above OR have any tips to add.