Here is Jade’s latest Forum Wrapup video and below that is my own roundup of important threads I want to be sure you guys are aware of like updates on the Small Business Take Down AKA Do Not Support Location problem and LOTS more. Plus giving you a head’s up at the bottom of this post, that my new “Local Search Forum” is finally almost ready to launch.

Google and Your Business Forum Wrapup – July 13, 2012

Learn about the latest news and updates from the Google and Your Business forum ( Hosted by Jade Wang, Google+ Local community manager (aka curiouslyjade).

0:01 Introduction
0:26 iOS app for Google+ Local available
1:00 Emails about service area businesses – hide address if customers don’t come to your location
1:30 Incorrect listing data troubleshooter unavailable
1:45 Google+ Local best practice – ways to report incorrect data
2:00 Forum tip – new topic? start a new thread

Linda’s Forum Wrapup

SMALL BUSINESS TAKE DOWNS & DO NOT SUPPORT LOCATION PROBLEMS – I’m not sugar coating this. The problem is verging on criminal, in my opinion, and has been going on far too long. Here is my latest summary about what’s really going on. Plus read the 4 posts above and others below mine. I have exhausted all points in the “We currently do not support this location” on your listing” FAQ and have given it time. I have a big follow up post coming on this whole issue and think it’s high time this issue is resolved!

TROUBLESHOOTER SUPPORT IS STILL SUSPENDED – In case you missed my post last week, Google has temporarily halted tech support via the troubleshooter as they catch up with a big support back log due to the small business take downs and lots of other tech issues. Here is Jade’s forum thread and the native’s are starting to get a little restless. “My listing has incorrect information” troubleshooter temporarily unavailable

Google + Authorship and Google Local
Confusing but very informative info about 1) Author vx publisher markup 2) How confusing or lacking the Google help docs are if Google Top Contributors can’t even quite figure it out. We asked Jade and she didn’t know either. But still, tons of good info in this thread.

BRAIN TWISTER – Google Places ADDRESS FORMATTING – Ignore the fact this thread is about a city that has 2 different names. It comes up occasionally, but not very often. Zero in instead on insights from my MapMaker guru friend Flash AKA Gregg Gordon regarding address formatting and how Google Place and MapMaker speak totally different languages, don’t play well together and have different address formatting rules. What NAP Should We Use When There Are 2 City Names To Choose From For Business?. If you are smart you’ll read some of Gregg’s other posts. He’s a WEALTH of info about MapMaker and knows things even Google Places TCs are amazed by when it comes to MM guidelines, formatting and other gotchas.

PRACTITIONER LISTINGS – Head’s up, a consultant I know CLAIMED the Dr. listings for a practice and the listing WENT INTO PURGATORY – I’m waiting for more info but know the account is squeaky clean and not suspended for any other reason, but it could be a bug, as “Purgatory” suspensions sometimes are. Here is a related post: Claim both the practice listing and dentist listings for
dental practices? Or just the practice listing?

SET UP GOOGLE+ BUSINESS PAGE RIGHT NOW OR WAIT? Best Setup For Clients Local Pages I just got a new question in this thread, so stay tuned for my answer, when I get time to get over there.

CATALYST LOCAL SEARCH FORUM – PRE-LAUNCH ANNOUNCEMENT – My new Local Search Forum is almost ready to launch. Have madly been touching up the custom theme and tweaking CSS, rules, layout etc. All this with the help of my right hand man – Dr. David Baxter AKA minstrel – a full-time Ottowa Psychologist and techy-geek-on-the-side, who has been my trusty Forum Administrator at my other forum for 3 1/2 years now. He’s a WIZARD at vBulletin and also VERY SEO savvy, so answers lots of SEO related questions over there. I’m happy to say David will also be my right hand man on the new forum.

The new forum will have a public section for news and discussions about all things local search, with of course a heavy focus on Google Places and Google + Local.

PRIVATE LOCAL PROS FORUM – The high level stuff however will take place in the private forum reserved for and only accessible to clients that have taken my Advanced Google Places/+Local Training program. It will be a private/secure place where my clients can discuss and compare notes about reverse engineering the Google+ Local algo, get private support on client problems and brainstorm Google Places problems with other like-minded pros.

If you want to be notified about the launch, which should be coming some times this week (hopefully) sign up at the Local Pros mailing list here. Initially I will not be announcing it publicly here on the blog, only privately via the list.