Got Google Places questions??? Get answers LIVE from the Top!

Join 2 of the leaders of Google Places – +Joel Headley and +Vanessa Schneider at 11 AM PST this Wednesday, April 4th, as they discuss how to get started on Google Places for business.

Have a question for the team? Ask in the comments at the link below. This is also where you go to join in or stream it. Hangout On Air: Google Places

UPDATE 4/6 Vanessa just emailed me to let us know the video and Q/A is posted here: Get found on Google with Places for business

UPDATE 11 AM PST: I’m calling for YOUR support to request an ADVANCED Places troubleshooting hangout. Voice your support for this idea over in the Google+ stream here and/or Vanessa’s post.

“3 questions just came up over on +Vanessa Schneider’s stream. All 3 were great Qs that come up a lot! Best practice for closing and moving a listing, how do Places and Maps and MapMaker interact and connect and best practices for trying to prevent merges. These are all important Qs that come up enough, that I think we should have a FAQ or help doc on them. I think this hangout has a beginner “getting started” focus. BUT I bet if we said pretty please in Vanessa’s post and there is enough demand, we could get them to do a more advanced troubleshooting type of help desk hangout.