GooglePlacesNewsWelcome to Google Places & Local Search Buzz #3 A weekly roundup of the most important tips and news in the world of Google Places and Local SEO. Important updates, bugs and tips in this issue.

FYI NEW BUG ALERT, VIDEOS ARE MISSING – As far as I can tell its affecting all Place pages. At least in the US. I reported to Vanessa 5/9. She confirmed bug and said a fix is coming in a few days. Appears to be connected to the “do not support location” bug we thought was fixed Monday, but it appears other problems surfaced that are related. Watch this thread for updates.

Why I Got Out of the Google Places Optimization Business In case you missed my announcement yesterday, here is some news from me. I was helping an exceedingly frustrated local SEO consultant in the forum that was asking Vanessa why there were so many constant problems with Places. I wanted to share part of my answer to him as it leads me to an announcement I’ve been needing to make and have put off. My answer in part was I QUIT! And I did  but there is a whole lot more to this story

Do Additional Details and Description Fields Matter? – Do the additional details and description fields matter in your Google Places profile? How and do you need to fill them out? As you may or may not have heard… the description field in Google Places is NOT a ranking factor. This was indeed confirmed by the Google Places engineer who was present at the event.  Sorry bro, cats out of the bag now. NOTE: Stay tuned I have a post coming out with an important new update that relates to this topic.

17 Ways SMBs Can Survive the Google Penguin Update Effect –  “Google drives all my traffic, now I’m screwed!” It’s a familiar refrain among small- to medium-sized businesses in the wake of Google Penguin. Learn how adding the influence of social media and public relations to your marketing mix can help.

Google Places “Gourmand” Michael Blumenthal On Leveraging Local Search – His interview with LXBN TV covered many of the points that left so many attorneys begging for more, including the beginning steps to using Google Places and Google’s evolving emphasis on local business information in their search algorithm.

Mobile Commerce – Google Maps steers mobile shoppers to Google’s daily deals – Internet Retailer – Google Inc. is seeking to drive U.S. consumers to nearby businesses. The search giant today rolled out an extension of its Google Offers daily deal offering that presents consumers with nearby Offers when they look at Google Maps on their mobile devices.

Ranking Organically and in Google Places on Page 1 –  How to achieve double rankings and double visibility on first page by ranking organically and in Google Places on page 1 of Google.

“We Currently Do Not Support This Location” Bug Should Be Fixed But The Message Will Persist for Some   – The snafu with the Places index that caused an inordinate number of accounts to suffer the dreaded “We Currently Do Not Support This Location” report for a listing should be fixed by now. But some users may find that they have moved from purgatory into Dante’s circles of hell.

 Quick Tips to Makeover Your Google Places Page – Whiteboard VIDEO from DemandForce  – Lauren from DemandForce gives you a few pointers on how to optimize your business Google Places page!

Will Google+ Business Pages Replace Google Places? – There has been light speculation for a long time about whether Google+ Business Pages will eventually replace Google Places altogether. It would seem to be the logical next step in the evolution of…

Google Launches Maps 6.7 for Android with Google Mobile Offers and More – Google is busy with new product launches and enhancements on the Maps/Mobile/Places side of the house this week. Today they announced the Maps 6.7 release which has LOCAL OFFERS, indoor walking directions plus 360-degree interior photos of businesses. PLUS new offers interface for business owners.

Google Places Launches Upgraded Multi-Location Bulk Listing Management Tool  – Google announced a new improved interface for those who do bulk uploads for multiple location businesses yesterday. I’ll be in training with Google on the new tool later today. Below is some info from Google and a link to videos that show you how it works.

Local Consumer Review Survey 2012 – With consumers reading less reviews, and forming opinions faster, it’s essential that a business manages its Reputation to ensure that it’s both positive and kept current with fresh reviews. In many categories, it doesn’t take many reviews to create standout from competitors and a little effort spent gathering these reviews will bring new customers to your door.

If I Had A Plumber Blog | SEO Theory – SEO Theory and Analysis Blog  – Dear Mr. Plumber, If I Were Your SEO …  So let’s just call this muck what it is: Professional Services Spam. You see this stuff in all sorts of verticals but for some reason plumbers get to be the poster child for really bad marketing. Of course, it looks like someone poured the kiddie juice down this plumber’s throat because… Linda Says: This one has nothing to do with Places but lots to do with SMB SEO. If you have never read Michael’s stuff – it’s one of my fav SEO and link building blogs. He’s been a real pro for years.

Should SMBs Get Into Content Marketing? – Small businesses need to think like the brands they are… For example, an indie home and garden store should syndicate gardening content and create a local social arena discussing home and garden for their community. By moving into content marketing, small businesses can become more than simply a storefront — they can be a local media resource revolving around their products and services. That can be much more persuasive than simply placing an ad.   By moving into content marketing, small businesses can become more than simply a storefront — they can be a local media resource revolving around their products and services. That can be much more persuasive than simply placing an ad.