In case you have not seen it yet – I have a Google Places ranking survey right now: How Much Does Organic SEO Control Google Places Blended Rankings?
Check it out and vote!

I promised that after we get 50 votes on the survey I’ll share my viewpoint and prove (as much as you can prove anything with Google) how much of the new blended algo is controlled by organic SEO factors. Will also show you some very cool tools hardly anyone (no one) knows about that help me analyze the algo. If we hit our numbers, I should be publishing that info around Tuesday.

But in the meantime… if Google’s perpetual changes drive you nuts and make you want to pull your hair out, read on!

I wanted to share a direct quote from Google I just found that TOTALLY explains why almost every time you check, the results change. This REALLY hit me between the eyes when I read it, and I’m going to start using this quote with clients and prospects that call me.

Enter the Google Experiments Labs

Direct quote from Google.

“People often talk about “the Google results” but the truth is there is no single “Google” — at any given time there are 50-200 different versions of our core algorithm out in the wild. Millions more when you realize your search results are personalized to you and you alone.”

So there! You aren’t going crazy! It’s even more of a moving target than we thought! Don’t you feel better now? 😉

Wowser, while you are there, check out the interactive Google page I pulled that quote from, if you have not seen it before. Play around with dumping the colored test tubes into the into the browser. Pretty awesome.

Anyway, back to the LOCAL blended (O-Pack) style listing algo. What I’m going to share about how big a part organic SEO plays HAS remained pretty consistent from Oct 27th when the algo changed until now. So it’s not like I’m seeing results come and go or occasionally sitting on some Google test server. AND I’m going to show you 4 different tools that all confirm this. They each pull data from Google in different ways, but ALL consistently prove my point.

Weigh In! Google Places Survey: How Much Does Organic SEO Control Google Places Blended Rankings?

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