I’ve been really busy helping on the Google Places forum and working on some behind the scenes projects but wanted to share this info as it will enlighten pros about how do deal with merges, give a little more insight into how the cluster works and why cluster F#s happen. Also wanted to give you an exciting update on something I’m working on that’s coming soon – so read on!

A law firm posted a reply on my blog with a DETAILED account of their merging problems, all the steps they’d taken, all the frustration they’ve been through. I had them re-post on the Places forum so I could escalate to Google management and get Vanessa involved. Be sure to read the whole thread and follow it for more info. So many insights about G support, merges, clusters, etc. Google Places forum post below.

Merged Listing Since 9/2011 – Help Us Vanessa, You’re Our Only Hope

Then Mike Blumenthal posted about it & there is a good discussion started over at his blog. The Long and Winding Tale of Trying to Fix a Merged Listing

Places Scout Update – Today I’m meeting with Mark to give him some insights/recommendations on a new module that’s coming soon. Wanted to give my readers a head’s up because the price of Scout is going up, so if you have not gotten it yet, you’ll want to!

Places Scout will soon have a new “Reputation Management” module for tracking reputation, citation analysis, TRACKING YOUR GOOGLE PLACES reviews and more. That’s all I can say right now. But on top of the Places rank tracking, reporting, competitive analysis and prospecting features, if you do local, I think you should consider getting it now. The price goes up every sale. Eventually it will be 197 or sold per individual module.