I’ve been getting lots of emails and some posts on the Places forum asking why the link feature on Google Places pages went missing and if/when it will come back. I hear ya and was feeling your pain for a few days, but I just got the link to Place page option back and you’ll get it back soon too. Here’s the scoop.

For me Chrome updated a few days ago but FF, Opera and IE have not yet. The link is in a different location and looks different. Instead of the “chain link” icon in the top right, it’s just a link that says “link” above map. It’s subtle and would easy to miss if you didn’t know where to look, so here’s a screenshot.

If you don’t have the new link to Place page feature yet, don’t worry, you’ll have it back in the next couple days. Google did a navigation update that is slowly rolling out to everyone now. Once the update hits, you’ll have the link feature back. Look for the new left side black bar nav like this on Google SERPS. Once you have it, you’ll have a Place page link option again.

For the business owners contacting me who don’t know how to find the link to their Place Page, it’s easy. Just search for yourself in Google maps. When you find your listing click to open it in a new window, then you’ll see the link in your address bar. If that produces a long unwieldy link strip out everything except: http://maps.google.com/maps/place?cid=12345678987654321