Find out what people want and GIVE IT to them! I believe it was Napoleon Hill that originally said that. I apply the same principle to Google Places and local search optimization. Find out what Google LIKES and GIVE IT to her!

So let’s dissect a VERY interesting search result to find out WHY Google likes this listing enough to give it a HUGE ONE BOX for a competitive search term. And while we’re at it let’s try to figure out why this local Dentist got all these EXPANDED local sitelinks too, shall we?

I DOUBT THIS LISTING WILL BE LIVE FOR VERY LONG. So let’s reverse engineer it while we can. I think/hope it’s a temporary anomaly because I may have a new client I would need to get ranked in this market for this search term and right now this Dentist has it locked up all to herself! There are some good lessons to be learned from this listing, so I wanted to share. See SCREEN SHOT BELOW.

Check out this HUGE one box + sitelinks listing for Reston Cosmetic Dentist. There are LOTS of cosmetic Dentists in Reston VA, so why does Google like this listing enough to give it a ONE BOX and IGNORE all the other local Dentists like this one Reston Cosmetic Dentistry.

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Google has recently been starting to show more one boxes for fairly competitive terms that should be ‘open market’ terms, not dominated with one player. Typically though when someone gets a one box like the listing above they have an exact keyword match in the domain and Place page. Not so in this case.

Here’s the link to the Place page and the business title as listed is Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and here’s the Link to the web site and the domain is and another at Reston Cosmetic Dentist. But yet the search ignores this Reston Dentist.

I don’t have time to do a complete case study. Totally buried. I took a ton of mental notes on this one but don’t have time to really spell it all out. So I thought we could make this a bit of a “group project”. I’ll quickly mention some of the things I noted about this case, but don’t have time to write a book. Please add your 2 cents about anything else significant in comments below.

Typically if you see a one box for a general search term it’s due to exact match. So if the business name and domain were both “Reston Cosmetic Dentist” I would not be as surprised to see this listing dominate page 1. And I realize this market is not uber competitive. I would not be surprised AT ALL to see this listing rank #1. I’m just surprised to see it get a ONE BOX.

PLACE NAME AND DOMAIN NAME – OK so city is in both business title on Place page and on domain. The word Dentist is in domain but on Place it’s Dentistry. And the exact match of “cosmetic Dentist” is on neither and not even an exact match on site title tag.

PLACE PAGE – Nothing special here. Cosmetic Dentist is one of the categories. But SEE ALL the other Reston Cosmetic Dentists that have that as a category too. A few reviews. Again nothing special.

But since this is a ‘blended’ result, we know most of the ranking power of this listing is in the web site not the Place page anyway. So let’s look at site in detail starting with meta.

Reston Dentist – Reston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry – Dentistry in Reston VA

Again the EXACT phrase “Reston Cosmetic Dentist” is not even in meta. Yes I realize the words Cosmetic & Dentistry (which includes the word Dentist) is in there but even “Reston Cosmetic Dentistry” is not an exact phrase match in title/meta. Separate but not together.

So maybe that’s just a term no one else in that market has optimized for? Nope here are plenty of PURE organic rankings for Reston Cosmetic Dentist with the keywords highlighted for easy analysis.

What about backlinks? Nope not significant. If I remember right there were only 12 or so.

I think after lots of digging around on this site, I found one of the hidden keys. Can you find it??? 😉

Now as far as getting all those sitelinks… Hmmm. That’s not something I’ve spent lots of time trying to figure out. But it’s obviously about their nav structure and sitemap. So if you want to try to get sitelinks for your clients, I’d analyze this site in more detail.

Interesting point though. When you search for Reston Cosmetic DentistRY, which is closer to an exact match, they still have a one box BUT just have 4 of the smaller size site links instead of the six expanded ones.

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I found a few other noteworthy things last night, but am out of time. I need to go get some client work done.

Share below if you find anything worth noting and let’s figure out together why Google LOVES this site so much.