2 weeks ago I started working with a very cool Chiropractor and took his practice from #44 (page 5) on Google “Local” to #1 at the very top of Google. The practice is in a large metro city, in a highly competitive market – so several techniques where used to move him to the top. This case is so complicated and interesting I decided to do a mini case study. See it below the image.

1st I wanted to give you a peek at his stats. We hit #1 on May 11th and you can see the positive impact it’s already made. The practice is now getting over 1,000 impressions and 20 actions per day and that’s after only a week.

CASE STUDY BELOW – Stats April 23 – May 19th

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It all started 2 weeks ago on a Sunday, when a young Chiropractor contacted me for help with his Google Places listing. He owns a highly successful practice with his sister and Father. The practice is mature and gets most of their new patients by word of mouth.

He was having a problem with what he called a “rogue” Google Places listing that had knocked his legitimate practice listing down to #44 in the rankings where no one could find it, because that put their listing on page 5 of the Google map search results.

As I did research I found 2 other duplicate listings, so it turned out that like many medical and dental practices he had a badly fractured Google listing. Not only are multiple listings in violation of Google’s TOS, but having multiple listings divides up the trust factors Google attributes to a company that can add up to make a better ranking.

On top of the fractured/rogue listings problem, the Dr. in trying to bring the 44th place listing up, had added his city to his practice name – so it read Chiropractic Practice Name + City. He didn’t realize this is also against the Google TOS. You are only supposed to use the legal business name, without adding any keywords or geo-modifiers.

So we dug in and got busy fixing and optimizing the listing. We removed the city from the practice name and merged the additional listings. Merging is VERY tricky and often results in losing reviews and citations if you aren’t careful. In fact the merging process is so convoluted that I asked the Google Places team to work on some help docs around the issue. They tell me they are working on it.

Additionally I added several pieces of data to the listing, including a secret key I discovered that I don’t think anyone else knows about. Voila, the changes moved him up to his rightful spot at #1. Again, this is a great practice that really cares about their patients and deserves to be #1 so I was thrilled to help them get there.

Have questions about your Place listing, duplicate listings or merging? Feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Always happy to help!

Here are a couple of my reviews. The 1st is from the Dr. in this case study.

I couldn’t believe my results!

Gifted in what she does!

PS STAY TUNEDโ€ฆ I have another great Chiropractic case study coming soon. Just need to find the time to write it. ๐Ÿ˜‰