I usually blog about Google Places SEO tips, changes with Google Places and problems with Google Places.

But today I just wanted to remind everyone how important it is to focus on the end user experience when you do Google Places SEO. If you keep the end user in mind and always strive to use best practice methods, you’ll be ahead of the game – in spite of any algo tweaks or major updates she sends our way.

I wanted to share the wise words of one of my readers.

Eric Dewhirst from Get Found Online wrote the following in a comment on Part 2 of my algo update series.

Awesome post! The more complex things get with online marketing and Google the more and more I find myself going back to basics. Whatever you do focus on the end user experience – don’t build for Google build for the end user and Google will reward you.

Blowing you brains out on backlinks and not seeing Google Love speaks to that sentiment. Building a honest and truthful and complete Places Page speaks to that. Having a straight forward and informative website – without trickery and letting Google crawl it and be able to match things up – speaks to that. As with everything you can tweak and get more out of it – but neglecting the end user that Google is trying to serve will bite you on the backside!

Sorry, I’ve been really busy with new consulting clients and am doing a lot more Advanced Google Places Optimization Training for other local SEO companies, so my schedule is jammed up and I’ve have not had as much time to blog lately.
I’ll try harder! 😉

However I always manage to add breaking Google Places SEO and Google+ for Business news my Google Places News channel @Scoop.it. So be sure to keep your eye’s there for the latest as well.