Updated: 4/19/11 10AM Just wanted to add a couple updates. Over the weekend I tried the new branding option where you can add your logo to client ranking reports and it looks awesome. Also noted a couple things that I felt could be improved and Myles, as always, was very receptive to ideas and said one of my suggestions was already in the works. So if you have any suggestions, post in comments. BrightLocal is reading and Ed is answering questions in comments as well.

Also, many of you on Twitter have been asking me about a White Label option. Yes, one is coming and I’m 1st on the list, so will be sure to let everyone know. The Bright team is madly working on releasing another new local product 1st, so White Label could be a few weeks out.

FYI As I talked to Myles he was at the hospital waiting for his new baby to arrive. Congrats to Myles and his wife on their new bundle of joy!

Original Post 4/14/11 ==================================

Happy to announce that there is finally a great solution for tracking Google Places ranking results. Not only that, but this brand new tool also checks Bing Local, Yahoo Local AND your organic rankings PLUS tracks your rankings on 3rd party directories like Yelp & Superpages.

Google Places Local Search Rank Tracking Software
I’ve been BETA testing a variety of Google Places tools and the one I’m most excited about just launched.

Introducing the Local Search Rank Checker from BrightLocal. (See my client’s ranking report below.)

.:. Track up to 100 keywords + locations
.:. Save reports for each client or branch
.:. Schedule automated weekly reports
.:. Compare current ranking with past rankings
.:. Customize reports with your logo & branding

BrightLocal is offering a FREE 30 day trial. Check it out here!

Since they just launched with the new site and interface I have not done a custom report with my logo and branding yet. But here’s a basic report I did for a client a week ago just so you can see how the PDF report looks.

Google Places Rank Tracking Software Tools

NOTES: This shows several #1 rankings I got this Dentist AFTER optimizing his Place page. But we just optimized his site to help boost his Places rankings, so now most of the other page 1 rankings we got him are a little higher too. I only ran Google organic and Google Places and deselected Bing Local, Yahoo Local and directories.

I’m waiting for the press release and may post more info after I try the new finished version which I’m VERY excited about. When I was BETA testing there was no ability to save reports, compare rankings or auto-run reports. So every time I used it I had to enter the name, all the keywords, etc. It still was a huge time saver but now it will be 10 times more so.

Check out Local Search Rank Checker and let me know what you think! Myles the Founder of BrightLocal reads this blog, so he’ll see your feedback too.