Places Scout Places Scout just launched the new upgrade I requested that allows you to compare any 2 ranking reports for clients. AND IT’s HOT! Previously Scout and Bright Local only showed improvement and changes since the previous report run. So I blogged end of January about how time consuming it was for me to cobble together reports that showed before and after campaign results over time. Both Scout and Bright stepped up and promised updates that would offer the functionality.

I had a couple calls with Mark @ Scout and made recommendations and the new release is already finished. (Plus below are more improvements in this version.)

So to illustrate this new feature and show how easy it is to create a before/after ranking comparison report – follow along.

Here is the original report I had to cut/paste, add labels and graphically create.

Here is the Places Scout dashboard for creating a comparison ranking report. (Just click comparison report top right, select any 2 report runs. BAM, 2 seconds and it’s done. Then export to HTML, PDF, CSV, etc.)

VOILA! Here is a screenshot of the PDF report that took me 2 minutes instead of 40 minutes to create. (FYI same before and after reports as the original I jerry-rigged together, just looks LOTS better!)

You can find out more about Places Scout here if you haven’t gotten it yet. It’s still a Warrior Special Offer, but the price is going up.

The Places Scout reputation management module that will track negative reviews around the net, notify about new Google Places reviews and do review backup and a lot more is almost finished too.

Other New Places Scout Features Added in This Release

  • NEW POWERFUL RANK TRACKER FEATURES– Places Scout’s Rank Tracker can now return multiple rankings per keyword query, as well as track rankings by a unique identifier!
    • If your tracked site has multiple rankings in the SERP’s, Places Scout will now return all rankings instead of just the first/highest ranking!
    • The new ‘Track Rankings by Unique Identifier’ feature allows you to track rankings by an identifier instead of just a Site URL or Phone Number!
      • This feature is extremely powerful and useful for tracking rankings of all SEO efforts that contain the unique identifier (article, YouTube video, ect)
      • NOTE: There is a new option in the window where you create a ranking report that you must select to track rankings by unique identifier,
  • NEW – You can now save Client Reports to PDF!
    • There is a button in the Create Client Reports section that will allow you to save the report to PDF.
  • NEW – In the Create Client Reports section, you can now save and send a single HTML file to your clientswithout having to include the header/footer/custom logo images.
    • Previously, you had to copy the header/footer/custom logo images to your webserver for the client HTML report to look proper. This is no longer necessary as these images are now embedded directly into the HTML File.
    • This makes sending a Client HTML report to your client very easy as now you only need to send them a single HTML file for them to view the report.