google-reviews Ever have any Google Places review problems? You aren’t alone! Lost reviews, spam reviews, merged reviews, inability for customers to leave a Google review or for owners to respond to reviews are just a few of the problems that come up all too frequently. Review problems of any kind are a HUGE pain point for small business owners. Now you can get some answers and solutions to Google Places review problems.

On 1/16 Purpleibanez posted a request in the Google Places forum for a sticky to help answer all the Places review problem scenarios. Since I’m a Google Top Contributor, I escalated the request to Vanessa, the Google Places Community Manager. She coordinated with her team and came up with 2 VERY helpful docs – 4 days later!!! And you say Google is slow and offers no support?

In the new info-filled sticky located at the top of the forum Vanessa addresses the following review related questions:

Having technical issues with the reviews on your listing?

.:. Where did my Google Places reviews go?

.:. How do I know which of the above reasons is affecting my listing?

.:. How do I get my Google Places Reviews back on my listing?

.:. Where are my owner responses?

.:. Why are the reviews on my listing not related to my business?

.:. One of the links in “Reviews from around the web” is wrong — it’s going to a page of reviews about an unrelated business. How do I get rid of it?

.:. Why can’t my customer leave a review?

.:. How can I report spammy reviews?

.:. I’ve reported a review on my listing, but it’s still there. Why won’t you remove it?

They also added a new help section to the support area:
Technical issues with Google Places reviews