Google Places Tips I have a bunch of Google Places time saving tricks I’ve been storing up.  When I share these during the Advanced Google Places Training I sometimes offer Google Places consultants and SEO companies, they all say they are huge time savers, so thought I’d share.

Today I only have time to share one.  I’ll share more tips and tricks when I get more time. Since I’m a big tease – I’ll give you a little overview about of 3 of them – at the bottom of this post. 😛

OK so today’s tip is a TINY, but helpful one. I’m not sure if this is a new Google toolbar feature or what, but I just discovered it.  This MAY not seem like a big deal at 1st, but if you research Place pages all day (like I do) and/or have carpal problems due to mousing (like I do) OR if you just value your time (like we all do) – I think this is a cool feature, you’ll be glad you found out about.

So let’s say a client calls for a consult and gives you their URL. As you’re talking you want to quickly nav to their Place page. Instead of highlighting phone#, then selecting cut, then selecting paste, then clicking search button, then clicking maps button – just do this: Highlight the phone #. (Notice a little data icon pops up OVER the maps search icon on your Google Toolbar.) Click the little map data icon and voila! Quick and instant map search that shows dupes if they have any (that are based on phone) and links to their Place page.

Here’s a screen shot from research I was doing to help out a friend today.
(Pertinent areas in orange box)

It works on phone numbers anywhere. See something interesting in Yelp? Highlight phone and check out Places, quick and easy. Here’s an idea… I don’t ever prospect at all PERIOD. And I also don’t personally work with plumbers, I refer them out to one of the local SEOs I do consulting and coaching for. So here’s a couple leads someone can chase. I just went to the local BBB site and searched for plumbers and took the screen shot below as a quick example. But as it turns out NEITHER of the 1st 2 plumbers I checked have claimed/optimized Place Pages and BOTH have dupes. So they need help. Go get ’em! 😉

Screen shot from Better Business Bureau search for San Diego Plumbers.

So just highlight the phone #, click the little map data icon and you’re there. (However for HEAVY prospecting power, see tool #3 below.)

K, need to go get some client work done. Here’s a little overview about of 3 of the time saving tips, tricks and tools I have coming up in future blog posts.

1) A tip that can help you avoid verification during certain types of NAP edits.
(I can’t remember the last time I got held up waiting for a verification.)

2) Another verification tip helps you get a client ranked even while you are having to wait the 2 weeks during certain types of verifications.

3) A HUGE time saving tool I’ve been wanting to share. I think I’m going to have to try to figure out how to make a video about it. It let’s you analyze the top ranking Places – at a glance, with the click of a button. Claimed or not, # or reviews and citations, back links, meta and TONS more. Perfect for prospecting. Tell it to go search the top 100 listings for a market and it will tell you which ones are not claimed and more. Also great for sizing up a market, preparing needs analysis and cost justification reports for prospective clients or figuring out what it will take to boost your client to the top in a competitive market.

I’ll share more tips and tricks when I get more time.  So stay tuned to the Catalyst channel.  Subscribe, bookmark, yada, yada, you know the drill. 😛

Oh and if YOU have any great tips, please share. What goes around comes around!