Google just announced they need to temporarily halt support via the incorrect data troubleshooter to allow them to play catch up on a myriad of support requests that have been building up. This will be inconvenient to users that need help with new issues, but will help all the folks that have been stuck in the support Q for too long.

My personal opinion is the backlog was created due to the horrendous way they handled the massive deletion of what I believe to be thousands of service area businesses due to the new hide your address rule. But on top of that there are of course several other bugs and issues that are creating support requests. The other current support problems include missing stats, missing images and a rash of missing listings due to 404 errors yesterday (which appears to have cleared up today.) Plus I’m sure they are getting a ton of support requests due to the G+ Local update as well. (List of current issues below.)

This is of course going to be hard on those of us who are Google Top Contributors and help all the business owners in the forum that are having trouble. Our most common advice for a myriad of problems that come up is to use the troubleshooter because whether the problem is the do not support error, missing listings, bad data, dupes or other issues – normally it’s not within the users power to fix and it takes help from support.

NOTE: if you have a verification problem, the verification troubleshooter is still operational, only the incorrect data troubleshooter is not available right now.

Following is the message Jade posted just minutes ago.

My listing has incorrect information” troubleshooter temporarily unavailable

The troubleshooter under “My listing has incorrect information” for Google+ Local support ( is currently unavailable. It’ll be back in about a week.

In the meantime, the support team’s working hard to go through the previously submitted requests. We’re also working on revamping and improving some of the troubleshooting processes we’ve got in place.

Don’t worry — the rest of the troubleshooter and the main channel for reporting incorrect information are still available. Here’s the deal:

1.) Listing is live but has data issues/incorrect information? Go through Report a problem on Google Maps or Edit business details on Google+ Local. Requesting data changes through these channels is not automatic — they are all reviewed — so don’t expect to see an immediate fix.

2.) “Do not support this location” issue? These listings will have a chance to be reviewed and reinstated, working on getting a better process in place. For now, review the quality guidelines and make sure the listing complies. Give it a poke and wait a few days. Keep an eye out here for when the support team is available again.

3.) Verification issue? Go through the troubleshooter as always — that part is still available (

I’ll update this post with more information as needed.


I was just getting ready to do separate longer posts about some of these issues, but now with the troubleshooter being down, I think I’m going to be more buried in the forum, so will just do a quick status update on a few issues.

DO NOT SUPPORT – MISSING LISTINGS FOR SERVICE AREA BUSINESSES – HIDE ADDRESS – Bunch of new issues here, will try to do a post soon.

MISSING IMAGES – Jade said images could take up to a month now before they show. But there is some new odd image issue I’ve never seen before that suggests a change in the back end database or something else that’s pretty weird. Suspect it could also be related to all the missing reviews and reviews posted that don’t show publicly. Investigating and hope to report soon.

ANALYTICS PROBLEMS – Lots have been reporting problems. Yesterday Jade reported it was fixed, but many users including me still just get spinning stats. My strong guess is it may not totally get resolved, because engineers are busy on the new update so aren’t going to take time to fix the old platform issues. More info: The Analytics for my Google Business Listing are not updating