ALERT May 4th 2012 – If you are here because your Place page disappeared or you are getting the “we do not support this location” error, the post below will not help, it’s from an older issue. Please see the top link in this thread for info about a current bug. Google is working on a fix.

Those in the know, know things have been a little rocky lately in Google Places land. And if you’ve been in the biz for awhile you know that lots of bugs usually mean there’s an update going on. Well there has been and it makes quite a few changes in the way info is processed and how fast it updates on the live Place page.

But here’s the GOOD NEWS! In the past we were left wondering, speculating trying to figure out exactly what changed and how it would impact us. Now there is refreshing new transparency and Google is keeping us more informed about major changes.

Vanessa posted yesterday about some pretty dramatic changes to Place page edit times. Some edits that used to go live almost instantly will now take a few days. But others like description edits which previously took 6 – 10 weeks to go live, should now only take a few days as well. The back end changes Google is making though, are designed to improve the flow of info and make the system run faster and smoother in time.

The REALLY GOOD NEWS is that now you know what’s up! If you your edits don’t show right away, you aren’t left wondering if it’s a new bug or something you did wrong. Now instead of freaking out, we know to tell clients “I updated your Place page but it could take a week for some of the edits to show.”

See post about the “new normal” edit times. Below that is important info about the infamous “We do not support this location” message.

Turnaround times for edits to Google Places listings – From Vanessa

There have been a lot of questions in the forum lately about verifying new listings and making updates to existing ones, and we wanted to clear up some of that confusion. We’ve been doing some work on our backend, cleaning up the pipes in order to make more improvements to Google Places over time. Here are the typical turnaround times for updates you make in your Google Places account.

What will usually update in a few days:
• Newly verified listings (even though it reads “Active” in your dashboard)
–> This includes newly verified bulk uploads (and any attributes, as noted below)
• Business titles
• Addresses
• Phone numbers
• Website URLs
• Pin marker moves
• Descriptions
• Hours
• Categories

What will update in about a week:
• Photos
• Videos

What will typically take several weeks to resolve:
• Merged listings
• Duplicate listings

The Post to your Place page feature ( should update to your listing near instantly, but we’re experiencing some technical issues with that right now. Expect a fix soon.

Also, please note that reviews are not affected by these new changes. If you’re experiencing technical issues with the reviews on your listing, please see this Help Center article for more information:


Another by-product of this back end change is that newly verified AND re-verified listings may get the ugly blank page with the infamous “We do not support this location” message and it can last for up to a WEEK!!! See Vanessa’s message here: Just verified your listing? Seeing “We currently do not support this location” on the listing?. However if you did not just verify and get the do not support message, see this advice from Vanessa.

Last but not least, another tip… Keep your eyes on the forum stickies. Bugs, updates, FAQs like the recent one on review problems… the top of the forum is where Vanessa keeps you informed about current Google Places issues.

Oh and speaking of the forum… we’re moving to a new platform next week, so get ready for a new look and new functionality. Also if you have current threads you are following or important tips or posts you refer to often, save them as I don’t believe the existing forum is going to be archived. It will just go away.

What do you think about all these changes???