Here’s a quickie update about a new Google Places feature I have not seen before. User uploaded images in reviews. Check out the screenshot and Place page below. Phil Rosek made this discovery – here’s his blog post.

Back in January Google announced the ability to add user-generated photos to Place pages. But photos showing up reviews is new I think. So why not try asking happy customers to dish up some photos with those reviews? 🙂

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Google Places Reviews

Check it out live at Mike’s Pastry in Boston.

Side Note: Have had people ask if I’m OK because I’m not blogging, tweeting and updating my Google Places channel like a mad woman these days. I’m fine, just incredibly swamped and carpal is really bad again. However, I’ve been working on a BIG post about a pretty radical algo change that’s causing lots of page one listings to drop to page 3 – 5. It’s a big one with lots of screenshots so is taking some time, but stay tuned for that post. Coming hopefully tomorrow.