Google Places NewsThere are a bunch of new things I wanted to share. So I’m going to do an overview post that contains several important topics including 2 new Google Places updates, new Google Places algo analysis, new Places FAQs help docs, Google Places old forum archives and more.

As I mentioned last week, the new Google Places forum is live. The OLD Google Places forum is re-directed and all the content is being removed, by Google. Mike Blumenthal, with a little help from his friends, was able to scrape the old forum to preserve years of knowledge and save it for posterity. Here is a link to the Closed Google Places Forum Archives. Here is a link to Mike’s post about it. Archived Places Forum Posts

New and/or Updated Google Places FAQs – Vanessa has been updating and adding some FAQs to the top of the tech forum. See the top ones that have the bull horn? Those are sticky announcements. Kkeep an eye on that section as Vanessa is doing a really good job of update folks about Places changes.

Of Important note in that section:

If you have not heard about a MAJOR update Google recently did, you need to read the following post. Changes were made on the back end that effect how long it takes various Place page edits to show up live. See the NEW revised Turnaround times for edits to Google Places listings. This document changes and evolves as the data processing back end is improved so keep an eye on it. For instance images and videos WERE delayed for a week at 1st. But there was just another new update that improved things and images and videos should show up instantly now.

The dreaded blank Google Places page with the “we do not support this location” message is now a standard artifact on newly verified listings and can last for a week. There are other reasons you may get that message as well. Here’s more info: Seeing “We currently do not support this location” on your listing? Read this.

There is also a short helpful post about how to get support. Having a problem with your Google Places listing? Get in touch with our support team

Review problems? There’s a great FAQ for that too. Having technical issues with the reviews on your listing? Read this first.

An interesting Google Places algo survey was released yesterday. Google Places Ranking Factors – The PhD Version I scanned but have not totally digested yet.

More detailed info about the study is available here: Local Ranking Factors Study 1 of 5 – Google Places Optimization and here: Summary – Google Places Optimization

Heads Up Consultants – GP Log in verification to prevent hijacking – I logged into an ex-clients account I had not been in since December and got a warning verification box saying something like “It looks like you are logging in from a different location than normal.” It asked me to provide the phone # or city to prove that I was authorized and not a hijacker. Step in the right direction… But if I was a hijacker I could just find the phone and city on their Place page, right?

I have more news and posts up my sleeve, but that’s it for today folks!