The long awaited Google+ for Business solution was just announced. This is VERY exciting news and I see can all types of amazing possibilities.

Official Google announcement: Get closer to your customers with Google+

One of the biggest concerns I’ve had about + for Business was what will happen to Place pages and how will everything integrate. The answer is that for now the 2 solutions, Google Place Pages and Google+ Business Pages, are separate and have to be managed separately. Here is an editorial note added to the Small Business blog post.

Get closer to your customers with Google+

Many of you have already verified your Place page via Google Places for business. We encourage you to continue maintaining the information in your Google Places account to help ensure that potential customers can find accurate information about your business on Google Maps and local search. You may also want to supplement your Google Places account with a Google+ Page for your business, which provides you with additional ways to engage and directly interact with customers using Google+. Currently, however, Google Places accounts and Google+ Pages must be managed separately.

Here are links to some important Google+ for Business resources

Google+ Your Business – How it works and a collection of tools for businesses

Google+ Your Business Stream – Follow for news and tips
(Already lots of rave reviews as well as disgruntled users)

Google+ Page Discussion forum – Tips & connect with other page owners

Google+ Help Center – Help Docs

Google+ Direct Connect – A new way to search for businesses

This just launched and I am still reading and following links. It seems launch was rushed to satisfy the masses waiting for business pages and looks like there are still some kinks. Initially many reported not being able to set up a page yet, but gradually more and more can. So if you tried, wait a bit then try again. Be patient as this rolls out. It will be worth the wait!!!

I have a very strong feeling this is going to be huge and change lots of things for those of us that do local search consulting.

I’m sure I’ll have more to say after I digest all the news.