EXCITING NEWS! Google just announced the 1st iteration and beginning step for merging your Google+ Local (Google Places page) with your Google+ Business Page.

NOTE: THIS WILL WORK RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVE ALREADY CREATED a GOOGLE+ BUSINESS PAGE with LOCAL set as the CATEGORY. (If you didn’t set local as category you are out of luck right now. Waiting to hear about other options.)

I AM CALLING THIS PHASE ONE INTEGRATION – Phase 1 is for straight forward merges with existing G+ Business page and Google Place pages.

After you verify your G+ Business page then it will merge with your Place Page and you’ll have ONE page, with all the Places features like reviews AND all the social features combined.

AND ALL WILL BE MANAGED INSIDE G+. (No more Places dashboard.)

To avoid duplicate content and having to post everything in 2 different Places please see my original announcement at the Local Search Forum.

BREAKING! Google+ Business Merge with Google Place Pages Starts Now!

All new updates as I get them will be posted over there as well.
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UPDATE: 8/4 Have posted several important new announcements and updates at the bottom of the 1st post. So even if you read the post yesterday, check back and read the updates there.

PLUS FYI: Service Area Businesses with Hidden Address – Can’t Merge Your G+ Business Page Yet