GOOGLE+ BUSINESS PAGES FORUM is CLOSING TODAY – To further prove the coming integration of Google Places and Google+, the Google+ Business pages forum is closing down and everything is being consolidated into the forum I work at, the “Google and your Business” forum. The G+ community manager and Top Contributors are all moving over as well, so you’ll be seeing some new faces in the “Places” forum.

This is exciting news for a few reasons. 1st since the products are starting to merge, the problems sometimes overlap as well. So now regardless if your question is more on the + side or Places side, you’ll have folks that can help – all in one Place. The other good news is simply more help in the Google and your Business forum, because it’s gotten pretty busy due to transitional problems and questions. I’m assuming there will be some cross training too where the + and Places TCs start learning more about how the other side works, so we can all be more helpful to users.

Additionally it was obvious the 2 needed to merge. Folks were getting confused and asking Places Qs over there and + Qs in the Business forum. So now the products as well as the forums are merging into one big happy family!

This change has not been formally announced anywhere that I can find, but here is the notice at the top of the G+ Forum.

On Friday, June 15th, the Google+ Pages forum will become read-only

All content will be accessible and searchable, but you will not be able to post in this forum.

– All Google+ Local questions should be posted in the Google and Your Business forum

– All questions about the +1 button, website link, brand badges, and code should be posted in the Google+ Developers forum

All other Pages questions can be posted in the Google+ Discuss forum