If you have been holding off on trying to integrate your Google+ profile with your Google Places listing, due to the previous glitch, your wait is over! A couple weeks ago I blogged that Google is testing integration of Google+ in the Google Places local search results again. However at that time if you were lucky enough to get your Google+ profile pic to show up in search, it was at the expense of your Google Places review stars and link to your Google Places page.

BUT it appears that problem is fixed. Now you can have your G+ image, your Places link AND those gold review stars. You can have it all! (See below) HOWEVER I discovered a new catch. If you want to get your PLUS image to show up on your Google local listing you need to rank high! In the top 2 – 4 listings. (Depending on keyword) Read on… and see examples below.

Here’s an example of the missing review stars & missing Places link I posted 2/13. Here’s that blog post showing the initial Google+ integration. Here is Mike’s post with more examples showing the missing stars/missing link problem.

Google fixed the problem last Friday and a Dentist I’ve been helping in the Google Places forum let me know. He got his review stars and Places link back and now has it all! Look how much he stands out from the other Dentists in his market! Search link = Dentist 29607

Google+ Profile Pic AND Google Review Stars AND Link to Place page
Google+ Google Places Dentist

However, like I said there is a catch. Isn’t there always with Places???

Now this is going to be a little harder to illustrate given today’s blended local search display. But some of you may have noticed in the past that only the top 2 – 4 local blended listings typically show the meta from the web site. Then the listings further down only show the Place page title NOT the site title tag. It USED to be a lot easier to notice because those top 3 or 4 listings also showed the meta description, so were bigger than the lower listings. Now that Google has REMOVED meta descriptions it’s a little harder to tell the difference.

However I discovered that in order to have your Google+ profile pic show, you need to be in those top 2 – 4 listings that show the site title tag OR the Google + integration won’t show up. So to get your Google+ to integrate and your image to show up, you need to know how to do it AND rank high enough for it to work. So here’s proof and an example. Dr. Thomas (above) ranks C for Dentist 29607. You can see that it’s his site title tag that shows up on his listing.

SEE IMAGE BELOW Dr. Thomas only ranks E for Greenville Cosmetic Dentistry so his profile pic does not show up. See how for that particular search only the top 2 listings show site title tags? Search link = Greenville Cosmetic Dentistry

Same Dentist, Lower Ranking, NO Google+

BELOW is another example to prove my point. This attorney has a + profile even though he ranks D. But that’s only because for that search term Google is showing site title tags on the A – D listings. Search link = DUI Lawyer Phoenix.

Google+ Profile Pic AND Google Review Stars AND Link to Place page

Credit: This attorney example was previously used in Mike’s blog showing the missing star/link problem.

So there you have it. Sync up your Google+ and if you rank high enough your Google local listing will REALLY stand out!