As with any update there are bugs and lingering issues as a result of the major update that morphed Google Place pages into the new Google+ Local pages.

I don’t usually post on weekends, but was out/offline all day yesterday so wanted to post today just to be sure my readers didn’t miss this latest video update with helpful tips from the Google+ Local team.

Plus below the video, see important info about a MAJOR bug they didn’t cover, that is affecting lots of service area business listings.

Google and Your Business Forum Wrapup – June 7, 2012

Learn about the latest news and updates from the Google and Your Business forum ( Hosted by Jade Wang, Google+ Local community manager (aka curiouslyjade), with a special guest appearance from Vanessa Schneider, former Google Places community manager (aka vanessagene).

0:01 Intro and news from Vanessa
1:37 Google+ Local FAQ post in forum
1:45 400 errors when clicking on external links – fixed, mostly!
2:09 How to send feedback about Google+ Local
2:30 Linking to old Places listings from dashboard – fixed!
2:58 Accessing Google+ Local pages on mobile web – working on it
3:30 Categories on Google+ Local pages missing? Click on the categories
3:59 Google+ Local pages and Google+ pages
4:35 link to Google and Your Business blog post
4:37 Upgrading your Google+ Local page early
5:08 Forum pro-tip: hiding the sidebar

There is also another MAJOR issue right now affecting lots of service area listings. I’m not certain it’s related at all to the +Local update and believe it is likely related to other issues. But lots of Local listings are either missing or getting the do not support message.

The message people are getting from Google supports goes like this:

Thanks for getting in touch with us about your listing not showing.

Unfortunately, your listing may have been dropped due to a technical issue that we cannot yet resolve. We hope to have a resolution soon for this issue, at which point we will be in touch with next steps to help you return your business to Google Maps.

See Mike Bluementhal’s post, advice and the comments here:
Google Places Experiencing Lost Listings

And here are some posts about the problem in the forum.

Google Place Dropped Due To Technical Difficulty?
Currently do not support location at this time