Back in June 2011 I broke a story about Google’s new “City Pages” which I discovered a couple days before Google officially announced them. It looked like they were going to be very cool city directories – and for awhile they were.

Now it looks like they are all gone and the ones I have checked go to 404 error pages. It looks like Google is now going for Official Google+ City Pages instead. (Which makes sense but does not offer a big fancy city directory like before.)

I’ve been collecting Official Google+ City Pages as I find them and am listing the ones I’ve found so far. If you live/work in a particular city you may want to circle the page, comment on posts and get to know the local Community Manager. Having friends in high Google Local places never hurts!
Google Local Chicago


Google Local New York


Google Local Austin


Google Local Boston


Google Local DC


Google Local Portland


Google Local Salt Lake


Google Local London


During the time that I’ve been gradually tracking down City pages to create this list, Matt McGee posted about the changes over at Search Engine Land Google Starts Shutting Down Its City Pages, Shifts To Google+ Local and noted 2 of the new pages. So head over and see what he had to say.

If you discover any other Google Local City Pages please share in comments. There is also an open discussion over at the Local Search Community.