There have been so many important topics at the Local Search Forum, I don’t I have time to cover them all. It’s getting so busy over there with multiple hot topics and major Google local updates coming in every day.

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Major Expansion – Tons of New Forums Added – Here we GROW again! New forums just added include Google+ Local specific problem areas like Google bugs, updates, reviews, citations, dupes, moves, service area business issues. Plus we added new forums for ON-SITE Local SEO, mobile, social and much more. Check forum home page to see all the new forums.


IMPORTANT GOOGLE UPDATE – Must DELETE your G+ Business Page if you are Service Area Business w/ Hidden Address!

New “Business Moved” Feature for Google+ Local Listings – Joel and Jade from Google both weigh in due to confusion and conflicting MapMaker issues.

Google FINALLY Releases How to Move Local Listing Help Doc – IMPORTANT info about this and conflicting guidelines and advice from Google Maps.

If You Aren’t Making Money as a Local SEO Consultant You Aren’t Alone – Must read if your business is not currently thriving.

If You HAD to Start Over – What would you do Differently??? – If your local search consulting business is struggling (as above) read this!!!

Dec 18 Google+ Local Algo Update?

Nailed it! What’s #1 Ranking Factor for Local SMBs in 2013?

100% Complete Doesn’t Impact Ranking

Insiders Guide To Selecting The Right Local SEO Tools – Great feature and price comparison chart

Black Hat Google Reviews – Competitor Sabotage

Seeing Double? 2 G+ Local Links in SERPs? Here’s Why? – Some thought bug. I discovered it’s a SERPs display update.

NEW PHOTO BUG JUST HIT? This just came into forum, we are investigating.

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