Wowser, Google is just hitting it out of the park with improvements this week. Much of this has been in the works on the back end for many months and I’m so happy to now be able to share the news and have been getting the word out.

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Major Google Local Review Improvements! Better Algo = More Reviews
Google has been hard at work over the past few months trying to fix and improve the review piece of the local puzzle. See big post from Google about it + amazing clarity from them about exactly what NOT to do if you want your LEGIT reviews to show up live.

HUGE NEWS! Phone Support for Google Local DATA Problems Just Launched Google just let us know they EXPANDED PHONE SUPPORT! Recently they tested phone support, that was only for Places verification problems. Now it’s available for data issues too. See screen shots and I’ll explain more below.

Launching NOW! Update for MERGED G+Local Pages – Management Upgrade – This update is for the verification and editing experience for users managing pages in Google+ (not the Places dashboard). So in other words if you have either merged your Place page and G+ page OR if you have a G+ Business page set as local category and ‘verified’ it.

NOTEWORTHY GOOGLE NEWS from last week you may have missed

Rash of Google+ Local Suspensions – New Re-Inclusion form for G+ Suspended Listings

Service Area Business w/ Hidden Address – IMPORTANT UPDATE G+ Business Page Merge

Does Google Permanently Sandbox Deleted/Restored G+ Local SAB Listings?

Google+ Local Hair-Pulling Problems Including Lack of Re-Inclusion Requests

Google Sometimes PERMANENTLY Bans Google+ Local Listings

And last but not least… 😉
Is Google+ Local a SHE or a HE? Proof it’s a SHE


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